Five St. Patrick’s Day Hairstyles
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St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most laid-back and versatile holidays. With the exception of having to wear green, there are really no stipulations about how you should dress or look on the Irish holiday. When it comes to what you can do with your hair, makeup and outfit it’s like what Cady Herring in “Mean Girls” would say, “The limit does not exist!” We’ve narrowed it down to five chic hairstyles that are guaranteed to be perfect for any kind of celebration. Good luck finding someone with better hair than you this St. Patrick’s Day; these looks are so stylish we doubt anyone will top them.

1. Maypole braid


Never heard of the Maypole braid? Well that’s because we made it up. (Not the braid, just the name.) This style braid can be done in a variety of different ways but the concept is always the same: choose an object, like a ribbon, string or strand of beads, and interweave it with your braid. You can do one single braid, a ponytail braid, a fishtail braid or whatever kind of braid you can think of. To make sure you don’t get pinched, interweave green ribbon into your style. We’ve deemed this the Maypole braid because the traditional Maypole dance, performed on May 1, involves girls and guys interweaving long ribbons around a giant pole in the celebration of May Day. It looks a lot like this braid when they’re finished!

2.  Bandana hair wrap


Bandanas aren’t just for barn dances anymore. Celebs like Rihanna made hair wraps all the rage in 2013 and we’re excited to bring the trend back this spring. Bandanas are super cheap at stores like Wal-Mart, Walgreens and Michaels, so snag a green one before they’re all gone and wrap it around your head, tying it at the top. You can leave your hair down or up for this look and it’s a simple way to add color and festivity to your hair.

3. G is for green and glitter


If you’ve ever made it through an episode of “Toddlers and Tiaras” without wanting to bedazzle something, we applaud you. There’s nothing wrong with a little sparkle and we know how you can bedazzle your way to happiness this St. Patrick’s Day: Hair glitter and rhinestones. If you can find spray hair glitter in green,  that’s a bonus, but if not, buy stick-on colored rhinestones and place them in a braided hairstyle. You’ll look dazzling with emerald gems sparkling all about your hair.

4. No-Hassle headband


If you’ll be partying all day on St. Patrick’s Day then you’ll want a simple hairstyle that’s easy to fix and adjust. There’s nothing worse than spending lots of time on your hair, having it die halfway through the event and then having to just toss it up in a messy bun. With a headband, you can rock your hair up or down and it will still look fabulous. Pin clovers to a headband you already have or use a green necklace; anything festive will work! (No, the clover antenna headband with springs is not off limits. Nothing is off limits. The limit does not exist; remember?)

5. Hat hair


Is it hipster or just clever to suggest not doing your hair at all as a hairstyle option? Whatever it is, we’re suggesting it. The easiest way to look cool this St Patrick’s Day is with a green hat or beanie. You don’t have to worry about what your hair looks like as long as you keep your hat on. No one will think you’re wearing it because you were too lazy to care about your hair; if it’s green they’ll just think you’re being spirited and trendy.

Whatever your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are, these five hairstyles will get you through the holiday. If you’re reading this and you’re a redhead, we recommend doing absolutely anything you want with your hair because you were born festive and are going to look the best no matter what the rest of us do anyway. Cheers to you. Erin Go Bragh!

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