What is the Big/Little Bond?
February 1, 2014 | by


First comes sorority recruitment…

the rush of finding the perfect house for you…

the excitement of walking into the welcoming arms of loving sisters on Bid Day…

and then…

Big/Little Night!

With so many sorority women interning for College Lifestyles™ over the years, we’ve learned how fabulous Greek life can be for any classy co-ed looking to become more engaged on campus, more engrossed in philanthropy and more involved in her community. But Greek life is also about the everlasting bond of sisterhood, and one of the most important bonds in sisterhood is the Big/Little bond.

While all Big/Little stories are different and unique, they are all focused around the themes of love, compassion, sharing, strength and support.

During the month of February, CL is looking for Bigs and Littles to share stories about their Big/Little bonds.

How has your Big/Little affected your Greek life experience?

How has your Big/Little affected your college experience?

Submit your story from February 1 through February 28 here.

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