Why Rush? To Branch Out
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From the personal photo collection of Emma Singer

From the personal photo collection of Emma Singer

Originally, the only reason I came to Robert Morris was for field hockey. Robert Morris was the only Division 1 program in the Pittsburgh area, where I knew I wanted to be, so it was a perfect fit. When I first got to school, the only people I knew were athletes. My friends were athletes, and the only people I really even knew were athletes. So when I got an alcohol violation in November of my freshman year, our assistant Athletic Director warned me I needed to find friends outside of athletics, I knew she was right. That’s when I knew it was time to go Greek.

Of course, my friends made fun of me when I told them. They told me the all typical Greek Life stereotypes, like that I was buying my friends. While they’re entitled to their opinions, I knew they were wrong, and I know it even more now. Embarrassingly enough, their biased opinions, along with 6 a.m. spring season workouts, prevented me from expressing my interest in Greek life until the very end of spring semester. Luckily for me, I happened to sit next to a girl in class who would help me get where I needed to be – Delta Zeta.  That girl would turn out to be way more important to me than I ever expected, that girl ended up to not only be my Fall 2014 pledge mom, but also my beautiful big.

Her, along with two girls whom I knew that were also in DZ, offered to help me explore other sororities, but it was pointless. I knew where I wanted to be, and within that last week of classes, I made it official. My pledge process didn’t start until that fall, and the building excitement over three months of summer just assured me even more that I had made the right choice.

From the personal photo collection of Emma Singer

From the personal photo collection of Emma Singer

When I came back in the fall, it was off to a rough start. Since field hockey is a fall sport, I missed the majority of events for potential new members and meeting the sisters. I didn’t get to go to bid day, I didn’t get to go to Turtle Tug (got jello?), and even worse, I had to miss Big Little Reveal, the day I’d been looking forward to for upwards up [of] six months. Although I hated missing all of these things for field hockey, I knew it was the reason I was even at RMU, so I sucked it up. I loved playing and being with my field hockey family, even though I missed my sisters. It seemed worth it when I’d made strides toward more playing time, and my future in field hockey seemed promising… until our team was cut, that is.

This is when my love for my DZs grew even stronger. In the most confusing time of my life, when something I’d devoted half of my life to was taken away from me, my sisters were there for me, every step of the way. Even now when I’m still making my decision, they are my shoulders to cry on and my open ears when I need to talk. Although I no longer have my sport, my sisters are all I need, and I feel confident that if I do decide to stay, my sisters will make me feel like I’d never lost anything in the first place. It truly is a love that is ever steadfast.

This “Why Rush” essay was submitted by Emma Singer of Robert Morris University. Emma rushed as a sophomore in fall of 2013 and joined the Xi Chi Chapter of Delta Zeta. You can follow her on Twitter at @emm2sin9er. To submit your “Why Rush” essay, follow this link.

From the personal photo collection of Emma Singer

From the personal photo collection of Emma Singer

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