Top 10 Reasons to Start OR Join a College Lifestyles™ Campus Satellite
January 1, 2014 | by


Need experience in the journalism or PR industry?

Didn’t get your dream internship for the spring semester?

Make a New Year’s resolution to beef up your resume before graduation?

Already involved on campus, but want MORE?

College Lifestyles™ is currently seeking classy co-eds with passion for modern journalism, social media, public relations, advertising and marketing to start OR join College Lifestyles™ Campus Satellites on their campuses.

What is a CL Campus Satellite? It’s a place where YOU are an editor, a writer, a social media guru or a PR pro, bringing the best in everything classy, confident and chic to readers on your campus via College Lifestyles™.

Need more reasons to join? Here are our top 10:

  1. Write and promote YOUR work on a nationally recognized platform
  2. Write and promote stories about YOUR campus
  3. Be a leader amongst YOUR peers
  4. Foster YOUR writing, editing, social media, PR, advertising and marketing skills
  5. Gain real-world experience in a classy environment, preparing YOU for a future career in the magazine industry
  6. Gain clips and stats for YOUR portfolio and boost YOUR resume
  7. Work with a team of classy co-eds, just like YOU
  8. Work on YOUR own time from YOUR own space
  9. Expand YOUR network with media professionals
  10. Refine YOUR time-management skills as you balance YOUR school work, social life and professional experience


Check out our current Campus Satellites:

Duquesne University

Penn State

Indiana University

To get started, email Campus Satellite Founder and Duquesne University Campus Satellite Editor Emily Lamielle at


About Author

Debra Schreiber is an alumni from Duquesne Unversity. Follow her at @debstyle89. To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds be sure to follow College Lifestyles on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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