The Perfect Bangs for Your Face
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Look back at your childhood photos and you’ll notice that your hair has come a long way. Most of us all rocked the same cut — middle part and no bangs — and it wasn’t the most flattering look for all of us. Thankfully as grown, classy women, we now understand that our hair must match our face shape and that bangs can make any boring cut fabulous. Knowing which type of bang is right for your face is the key to looking your best. So find your face shape below and learn what fringe is right for you.


If you have a round face…


Sideswept bangs that are long and layered are perfect for a round face, because they soften the cheeks. You can’t get rid of those pinchable chubby cheeks, but you can feel good about them with the right bang. Those with round faces can also try blunt bangs across the forehead but only if they’re not too short and thin. Make sure they come down to your eyebrows or they’ll draw attention to your cheeks.

Not sure if you have a round face? Round faces are always wide instead of long, make an almost perfect circle from forehead to ears to chin, and typically have full cheeks.

Celebrities with round faces: Mila Kunis, Selena Gomez, Kirsten Dunst.


If you have a square face…


Blunt bangs are best for a square shaped face, as long as they are thin and layered. Extreme blunt bangs should be avoided, because they’ll emphasize your facial shape. Aim for a cut that hits between the brow line and the lash line.

Not sure if you have a square face? Square faces are very prominent and easy to spot. They’re also much more unique than the other face shapes and aren’t seen as often. A square face has a long boxy appearance and is generally very striking.

Celebrities with square shaped faces: Florence Welch, Angelina Jolie, Kiera Knightly.

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