What to Do if You Don’t Get a Bid
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Making the decision to join a sorority can be a tough one. Some co-eds know it’s for them before they even get to their first day of college and others are dragged out to recruitment by their roommates and friends.

No matter how you get to recruitment, it can be a scary experience. It’s an experience that forces you to step outside your comfort zone. It’s making small talk with this group of women who you want to be your sisters and learning about the organization you want to join.  The rest of your life starts during that week and you are on the verge of making the best decision of your life. You should be able to enjoy yourself and await the final decision on what house you will now call home.

At the end of recruitment week, though, no matter how hard you make yourself stand out, no matter how confident you remain, and no matter how badly you want to be a sorority woman, there is a possibility that you will not receive a bid from the organization of your choice. There is also the possibility that you won’t receive a bid from any organization.

This is not the end of the road. Do not get discouraged. Try to stay composed and think positive. Just because you did not get a bid the first time around does not mean that sorority life is not in your future.

It’s not unusual to not receive a bid; there are so many girls going through recruitment that not all the sororities can take everyone. It’s difficult for sisters of an organization to meet everyone and have that potential make an impression on them.


“Recruitment is definitely a difficult process, especially when you have so many girls going through at once. Sororities are also selective on who they pick; it’s hard on both parts,” Jason Gloe, Assistant Director of Greek Life at Iona College said.

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Briana Luca is a senior at Iona College and receiving her BA in Mass Communications with a concentration in Journalism. She is a C.L writer. She is obsessed with her sorority Phi Sigma Sigma, fashion magazines, Lilly Pulitzer, and vanilla coffee.

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