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Forget the ‘typical’ dorm decor of a blue comforter and storage crates.  Your dorm is your ‘home away from home’ for the next four (or even five) years of your life and is one of the first times you can decorate in your own individual style.

Your excitement in finding a perfect dorm comforter, storage bins, and decor is quickly zapped when you see the ‘same ol’ at the local department stores.  Your excitement turns to frustration while searching Pinterest and the realization sinks, ‘I don’t think I have the skills or time to make a picture frame out of 50 magazine pages’ hits home.

Your quest for a unique dorm decor store has been solved with The Good Life on Campus. TheGoodLifeOnCampus.com is where you will find colorful and unique dorm bedding sets, twin XL dorm sheets, exclusive dorm trunks, dorm towel sets, curtains, dorm room bath accessories, decorative pillows, dorm rugs, creative dorm lighting and dorm clocks.

The staff at College Lifestyles had the opportunity to shop at this amazing store, and we outlined our dorm essentials and picked our favorite MUST HAVES for the dorm.



Dorm Comforters are essential for college.  Regular twin sets are too big and create a ‘bulky’ feel.  Express your personal style with fun, unique selections.


Proper lighting is important in studying, but the days of the ‘bright white lights’ are long gone.  Dorm lights can now serve two purposes, lighting and decor.


Your dorm is your ‘home sweet home’ for the next four (or five!) years and the first time you can add your unique style and twist with dorm decor.  Don’t settle for typical  – select decor to your own unique style and taste.

Lotus-Spots-White-Trunkfront-onlyStorage containers are a necessity.  One of our most forgotten items, we quickly realize dorms lack drawers, containers, storage space.  We realize this when we are ‘stuck’ in the midst of unpacking and run to the nearest store to buy what is left of storage crates.  Be prepared with college dorm trunks which offer a storage option, seating option, and decor statement.


‘I would use the Vines Magazine Holder in white (and the other white Vines desk organization pieces) to transform my desk to a classy and uniform space to work. I love when my books, notepads, folders and supplies have a space where they belong – especially when its super cute!’ ~Emily L, Duquesne University Satellite Editor

DS1015-2 Vines Magazine Holder White

‘In a dorm room, it can be really hard to break up the dull, white wall space. I would use the Karma Blue Floral Curtains to add a print to the wall and color to the entire room.’ ~Sharley H, PR Team


Karma Living Handmade Curtain Panel – Blue Floral

‘The ‘Mondrian Dry Erase White Board’ is perfect for a dorm AND will  ‘grow’ with you to your first office.  Organization is key for college success, and I like the divisions for organizational purposes.’ ~Shelly, Editor-in-Chief

KK1031-2Mondrian Dry Erase White Board

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