The Best iOS and Android Back To School App For eTextbooks, Guided Solutions, and On The Go Access from Chegg
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Dear BackPack,

We have had an amazing journey.  From class to class, you where there to support me in carrying all my textbooks.  From the coffee shop to the library, you where there for me.  The time has come where I must retire you to the closet.  You see, I found this amazing app from Chegg where I can access over 2.5 million guided solutions, read my eTextbooks, and access two FREE guided solutions each week.  This app will not only save my back, but also help me excel in my classes.

You will be missed,

Classy Co-Ed

As the above note suggest, textbooks are a part of life for any classy co-ed, and yes, lugging around our huge books from class to the library to study sessions can be a little cumbersome.

You will be happy note you will soon be writing the above note to your backpack courtesy of Chegg, The Student Hub.


On August 20, Chegg announced the launch of the company’s new mobile application for iOS and Android smartphones. The app showcases Chegg’s student-first mantra, providing the tools and content students need during their entire college career.  With the amazing app, Chegg is matching the key functionality of the website to students’ mobile devices, allowing them to access the information they need anytime, anywhere.

Just think, your smartphone can serve as your new backpack.  Instead of lugging around books, you can pull out your phone and browse your textbooks while in the coffee shop or while stuck in line at the grocery store.  Still love a hard-copy of a book?  This amazing app can allow you to rent or buy your textbooks.

Android App

Full features of the Chegg app include:

  • Easy textbook search by title, author, ISBN or barcode scanner (iOS)
  • Rent or buy physical textbooks (iOS)
  • Free eTextbook preview of all titles in the Chegg library (iOS)
  • eTextbook reader (iOS & Android)
  • Access to over 2.5 million guided solutions and 2 FREE solutions per week (iOS & Android)

The iOS version is live in the Apple App Store here:

The Android version is live on Google Play here:

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