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targetpic11It’s back-to-school season, which means college-bound co-eds are on the hunt for dorm essentials, cookware, clothes and office supplies. Target sells a variety of college-friendly items—everything from desk organizers to decorative pillows for your futon. Whether you’re moving into a dorm or upgrading to an apartment, Target and College Lifestyles™ have you covered.


Let’s face it—college is fun; college is also messy. You’re going to spill coffee in your mad dash for the remote when your favorite T.V. show interrupts your study hour. You’re going to try (and fail) at making pancakes. Target has everything you’ll need to at least make your RA think you’re a clean queen.


Whether you’re in a paper or plastic kind of mood, Target gives you a choice when it comes to purchasing flatware and dishes for your dorm or apartment. If you’re not tossing them in the trash, keep them clean with a little soap—you can even buy a bottle that matches your cups.


There’s nothing better than a hot shower after a long day of classes or a good workout at the gym. A shower caddy is an ideal gadget for object storage even if you’re not carrying your bath essentials all the way to the community bathroom down the hall. Target even lets you have this in pink, too.


Every trip to the laundry room doesn’t have to be a hassle. Keep your clothes, dryer sheets and detergent in your collapsible hamper while you make the trip so you don’t have to make it twice. Now not only you will smell fresh, but your clothes will too.


Target knows college is stressful. While it’s important to keep quick headache relief close by, taking vitamins daily will ensure optimal health even when you have to skip a good meal in the dining hall to study for your next exam.


Whether you’re taking notes, sending someone a letter or staying organized, Target has all the essentials you’ll need to keep up with your classes and stay in touch with friends.


Light up your dorm or apartment with this floor lamp. And if your walls are looking a little neglected, hang a few picture frames from Target’s selection of easily-removable command hooks.


Sometimes “old-fashioned” messages are still more classy and convenient than sending a text. Give your floor mates a new way to leave you coffee date reminders, secret messages or even a few artistic doodles.


Maybe you have a voice recorder as a backup for your lecture notes, or a book light so you don’t keep your roommates up while you have your head buried in your latest novel for your English class. These things require batteries—it’s always nice to have a pack on hand just in case the light goes out when you’ve just flipped to the last page.


Keep yourself warm and your room color-coordinated with a comforter and sheet set from Target’s Back to College section. Purchase an extra fuzzy blanket for the winter too.

No matter where you shop, you’re bound to find what the bare necessities. But at Target, you’ll find everything you need, all in one place, at a price that fits your budget with a little extra to spare.

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