Campus Spotlight: Kent State University
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Image Courtesy of Kent State University

Image Courtesy of Kent State University

Sitting in your bedroom, you search on your laptop for colleges and universities, hoping to find the perfect fit. After hours of hunting, your eyes glaze over, hands gripping your coffee mug tighter and trying to eek out more caffeinated energy to continue the search. CL is here to protect your eyesight, blood sugar and academic future. Take a look at the fabulous Kent State University in Kent, Ohio.

Though an eight-campus system throughout the state of Ohio, the main campus of KSU is located in Kent. Don’t let a university of that magnitude frighten you; the student to faculty ratio is 20 to 1. That translates to intimate classes, one-on-ones with professors and friendships with classmates.

Image Courtesy of Kent State University

Image Courtesy of Kent State University

Let’s break down Kent State University by the numbers:

  • 18 NCAA Division 1 collegiate sports teams

  • 20 sororities and fraternities

  • 20,000 undergraduate students

  • 24 co-ed residence halls

  • 24 on-campus restaurants, including the dining hall and coffee shops

  • 102-year-old campus

  • 200 clubs and organizations

For those non-analytical learners, here is a written portrait of the university. Green rolling hills and large blanket-like trees provide a lovely backdrop for students who need a beautiful landscape to add to their university experience. Enjoy recreational activities with KSU’s Crooked River Adventures along the Cuyahoga River winding through the town. Warm summers, snowy winters and the wonderful in-between of spring and fall make Kent a livable area.

Image Courtesy of Kent State University

Image Courtesy of Kent State University

Outdoorsy students will love this recreational mecca. There is a 56-acre park in Kent with biking and running trails, perfect for relieving stress after a long day of studying. Students can rent bikes easily through the university. Try not to fall while skating at the Kent State Ice Arena on campus. Who said ice-skating was only for Christmas time? There are also fitness classes in the gym and rock climbing in the Adventure Center.

Don’t worry if you can’t choose a major; the No. 1 major at KSU is Exploratory, meaning undecided. Pre-nursing, biological sciences, business management and psychology round out the top five majors. There is also an Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) for rising freshmen and sophomores. You can participate in this savvy program to learn and enhance your leadership skills as you trek into the career world.

Along with solid sports and academic programs, Kent State also offers colorful art programs. Does writing poetry calm you? Join the poetry center. Are you always the center of attention? Join an acting troupe at the on-campus Porthouse Theater. If you are interested in fashion, wander through the Kent State University Museum showcasing fashion design and decorative arts. Do you live to a soundtrack? Visit the Kent/Blossom Music Festival running for six weeks every summer. These are perfect opportunities to practice your creative side and take a break from studies.

Kent State University has much to offer to every kind of student. Don’t just take our advice; go visit!

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Image Courtesy of Kent State University

Image Courtesy of Kent State University

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