The Art of a Handwritten Letter
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Image credit: Jasmine Ford

Image credit: Jasmine Ford

It’s the year 2013, and the idea of people handwriting letters is almost extinct. Before this world transformed into the tech- savvy one as we know it, people did things such as handwrite letters to each other. There weren’t any computers, text messaging, or smart phone apps that people could use in order to communicate.  It sounds crazy to live in a world without the technology we have now. What if someone had a lot to say? What if the message had to be read immediately? What if it was a heart racing letter that needed a response A.S.A.P? These are questions that were answered in an interview with Mable Ford, a very classy mother. Ford is 53 years-old and lived during the era of hand-written letters and in the modern world of technology.


College Lifestyles: What kind of letters have you written by hand?

Mable Ford:I wrote plenty of love letters in the past; to your dad of course. I also have written letters to businesses such as the electric company to explain different situations.”


CL: When you were writing these letters what were some key things to include in your letters so it could be the most beneficial?

MF:I believe the most important factor when writing a handwritten letter is to be conscious of your penmanship. The main reason for that is so the person you’re writing the letter to can clearly read what you have wrote. If not, the letter is pointless because the message you sent didn’t get retrieved. Another reason you to have good penmanship is because that alone can send a message to someone. If your handwriting is sloppy someone may think the letter was rushed and unimportant to you. If the writing is neat it shows you took your time to write it. Your presentation means a lot. It can be a maker or breaker.  The content and the way you set-up the letter is important too.”


CL: What if the letter was urgent and needed to be sent and read immediately?

MF: “Well, you would just have to wait. There was nothing that you could do but wait and hope that the letter made it to its destination in time. The best thing was to put it in priority mail.”

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CL: We are living in a time where e-mailing is the primary source to send a letter rather than handwriting it. Which method do you prefer?

MF:I prefer emails because it will get delivered a whole lot quicker. On top of that e-mails will allow you to attach documents, pictures, and videos. More than one person can be sent the same e-mail or get an email forwarded to them. It helps that the computer will spell check and corrects the grammar within your e-mail. Unless you write all the time, the spelling and grammar can sometimes be an issue for people and the computer catches it.”


CL: Do you think a handwritten letter is more intimate than an e-mail?

MF: “At times it can be more intimate, but it doesn’t have to be. I think it all has to do with the words that are in the letter rather than the package of the letter. You can write a very intimate email to someone. On the other hand, someone can hand write a letter and it’s not intimate at all.”


CL: You ever think about leaving your husband love letters before work like you used to do when you were dating?

MF:Nope. I’ll send him a text.”


The art of a handwritten letter still exists. Even though it’s done with technology instead of a pen and paper, the message still gets sent.

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