How to Keep Classy After a Breakup
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Relationships come and go but your image will always be there at the end of the day. Nearly everyone has been through a breakup at some point in time. Some people have experienced peaceful breakups and others have breakups ending with a dramatic event. No matter the type of split, it’s important to always remain classy about it.

Since social networks have become such a prominent part of everyday life it’s easy for people to automatically turn to their Facebook’s or Twitters to expose their personal lives. In addition to being annoying to your followers or friends, posting relationship issues online is also very unclassy. People view you as immature and just wanting attention.

“I would suggest stay away from Facebook status updates and Texting him – it is tempting to send a dirty or passive-aggressive message or post something on your status as passive-aggressive – but in the long run, it will make you look like the bad guy.” Shelly Marie Redmond, College Lifestyles editor-in-chief.

After a breakup one also must remember to never be a nuisance to the person you recently got out of a relationship with. Leaving desperate or rude text messages and voice messages is very unattractive. Even if you miss him, allow him to think you’re just fine without him. If you feel like telling him how you feel is important, do it at the right time, in the right place, using the right tone and words.

This will keep things from being awkward and uncomfortable when the two of you run into each other in public. A lot of times it can be uncomfortable when seeing each other out and about, but remember to remain composed.

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“Small talk and being (at minimum) civil in public is key. Also, discuss what is the appropriate amount of distance you need to heal. Is it completely avoiding each other or is it simply not holding hands and doing the “lovey – dovey” stuff? It’s hard to do, but it is mature. If you are mature enough to date, be mature enough to end things with class.” -Kaitlyn Gregg, junior, Penn State University

Being cordial to your recent ex may allow the friendship door to open. Sometimes an ex can become one of your greatest friends if you handle the situation correctly.

“It really depends whether or not you were friends before getting romantically involved. Not friends – be cordial; wave hello in the quad, make small talk, just be all-around polite, because it’s likely the two of you still have things in common and you might even be able to become better friends than more-than-friends. Friends – be the same as you were before; be loving and kind, ask about his classes, catch up over coffee or ice cream. Sometimes the classiest way to handle not being a couple anymore is being mature enough to realize you’re better off as friends – but you never might have known that if you hadn’t tried to go that one step further.” -Meg Dowell, senior Olivet Nazarene University

No matter how hard or easy a breakup was, you must always remain poised. Even if deep down inside you want to act like a psycho you must remember you are always a lady.

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