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Remember when we were young and played dress up in our big sister’s or mom’s closet?

Moving to college may give us the opportunity to play dress up on occasion with borrowing an item from a roommate or sorority sister, but what if you had your own special, personally styled closet to ‘play in.’

Le Tote is the answer to playing ‘adult dress up’ in your dream closet.


College Lifestyles had the opportunity to ‘dress up’ with, and well, we could not get enough of this Netflix-style closet.

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How does Le Tote work? 

  • Register.  Simply register and set up your profile at  During the registration process, you are asked several personal style questions including picking your favorite earrings, outfit for work/girls night out, as well as your height, body shape, and sizes.
  • Catalog developed. After completing your registration, Le Tote takes that information to showcase outfits you will like.
  • Shop!  When browsing your personalized catalog, you can choose your favorite garments and accessories from their collection.
  • Wear.  Your tote arrives at your doorstep with 3 garments and 2 accessories. Keep everything for as long as you want. Never worry about return dates or late charges.
  • Shop some more! When you’re ready for your next tote, use the pre-paid bag to send everything back. Le Tote takes care of the cleaning and shipping. Love something? Keep it and you’ll be charged automatically by Le Tote.
  • Return.  Once Le Tote receives the box from you, your next tote is sent out immediately. Do this as many times a month as you like!


One of Our Favorite Outfits from Le Tote.

We spoke to Rakesh Tondon, CEO, on this amazing concept,

“LE TOTE gives you all the variety you’re looking for, and it’s only $49 a month. There’s no laundry, no storing, and no hassles. It’s the perfect back to school gift for every college girl!”

We couldn’t agree more!

While browsing our personalized catalog, we picked our some of our favorites:


Love love this dress. So cute for anything really like a wedding or date or vacation! ~Whitney M, Writer


They have great classy dresses for Recruitment and even pin attire for sorority meetings. Above I have picked a few simple, but cute dresses that are cute for Sunday brunch to chapter meetings. ~Skylar S, Sorority Editor

10267_a_13This leather skirt would make a great date night or concert outfit.  ~Shelly, EIC

80414_1_4The above necklace can work with so many outfits – from a fitted white t-shirt and jeans to a shift dress.  ~Shelly, EIC


Fun shorts to wear on a casual shopping trip.  ~Shelly, EIC


What did we love the most?  While our staff cares about each other and works towards the same goal of producing amazing content, let’s be honest, our styles are all different (just watch one episode of Say Yes to the Dress and you realize how individuals have different style personalities). recognizes the concept of a personal style.

Coming in at a close second?  We love the fact you can shop as many times a month as you want.  No ‘once a month’ rule – have several events to attend in December?  No problem!  You can pick your entire sorority recruitment wardrobe for just $49!

Le Tote is offering all College Lifestyles readers a special discount code ‘CL25’ which will give you 25% off your first month!

Register for your account by visiting

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Shelly Marie Redmond, MS, RD, LDN is the founder and CEO/Editor in Chief of College Lifestyles. You can follower her on twitter @shellymarierd.

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