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The Sleep On It mattress topper ships directly to your college or university.

The Sleep On It mattress topper ships directly to your college or university.

As exciting as moving into your first home away from home is, there are some aspects that aren’t as appealing. Some of these include learning how to do laundry, finding out the true shelf life of food the hard way and taking care of yourself when you become ill. One major dorm room turnoff could be your uncovered mattress. Before you even have the chance to count sheep on your new bed, you might already be having nightmares about bed bugs and where your mattress has been before you arrived. Fortunately, with every problem comes a solution and College Lifestyles knows exactly how to fix an unsanitary, uncomfortable mattress.

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Tricia (founders daughter) is in the middle.

Sleep On It is a company that produces exceptional mattress toppers for college students. Each topper is an ecologically friendly product as it is made of biodegradable, hypoallergenic material and is free of any substance or chemical that may be harmful for its sleeper. Unlike most mattress toppers, Sleep On It toppers are made of a thick latex foam, which provides a outstandingly comfortable and fresh surface that might make you abuse your alarm clock’s snooze button even more frequently.


If you don’t believe CL on just how healthy and comfortable Sleep On It mattress toppers are, just look at their publicity since they began in 2006. Sleep On It has been promoted, endorsed and showcased by multiple universities and colleges across the nation, newspapers, fairs and even an international health show. Mattress toppers have proven to be a necessity among items on dorm room shopping lists and customers all over the country have been raving about Sleep On It.

Founder Tricia with Sleep On It Mattress Cover

Classy Co-Ed Anna with Sleep On It Mattress Cover – Step 1.  Unhook.

Sleep On It is a business that started with Nancy Coffey’s idea for a more comfortable, environment-friendly mattress topper that would fit the strange size of a dorm room bed. Her daughters, Tricia and Kate, spread the trend of a good night’s sleep as their roommates and friends became envious of their Sleep On It mattress toppers.

Jamie and Katie

Sleep On It Cover - Simply Unroll and Cover on Dorm Mattress

Sleep On It Cover – Step 2.  Simply Unroll and Cover on Dorm Mattress (Kate, Founders Daughter)

Tricia and her friends reported the following about Sleep On It:

“I just completed my freshman year of college and to say I love my Sleep On It is an understatement. I studied, ate and slept on my bed and I’m thankful I had my Sleep On It so my bed didn’t feel like a rock. Sleep is a vital part of a college student’s life and if your mattress isn’t comfortable you aren’t going to sleep!”

“My roommate would wake up complaining of back pain and I would wake up rested and refreshed – a real difference between egg crate and a Sleep On It.”

“I had to push and shove people off my bed because it was so comfy. I even had a kid offer me money to rent out my bed for a nap!”

“Being kind to the environment is important to me. Sleep On It is biodegradable because it’s not made of plastic like the others. It’s the only topper I’ll sleep on!”

Sleep On It provides a thick surface of foam for its dreamer to sink into comfortably.

Sleep On It provides a thick surface of foam for its dreamer to sink into comfortably.

Before I found Sleep On It, I had been covering my mattress with an oversized feather topper. I found myself waking up in the middle of the night uncomfortable and tangled in the topper. Sleep On It completely changed my daytime naps and nighttime sleep. With a near-perfect shape and size, Sleep On It allows me to sleep through the entire night as the mattress topper stays in place and gives my whole body a comfortable surface to sink into and dream. The only downside I found to the product was that I did not want to get out of bed. Sleep On It definitely has an irresistible lullaby effect.

Sleep On It is available online at and accepts PayPal, check and credit card payment methods. Lucky for co-eds, Sleep On It ships directly to your college or university. You can also call to place an order at 203-288-7883 or visit the factory if you’re in the area of Hamden, Connecticut. For more testimonials, updates and contact information you can connect with the Sleep On It team on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Sleep On It mattress toppers are decorated with a beautiful golden floral design.

Sleep On It mattress toppers are decorated with a beautiful golden floral design.

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