CL Interviews: Joli Lindsey, Panhellenic President
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Photo Credit: Joli Lindsey

Joli is on the left. Photo Credit: Joli Lindsey

Joli Lindsey is the Panhellenic President of New Mexico State University and is an active member of the Pi Delta chapter of Chi Omega. At the NMSU Greek awards banquet held this April, Joli won the title of Greek Woman of the Year that demonstrates she is not only a leader within Panhellenic, but throughout Greek life at NMSU. Joli is currently a senior majoring in accounting and is also the manager of intramurals for NMSU.

I grew up with Joli through high school and am part of Greek Life at NMSU and it is amazing to see the major leadership roles she has taken at NMSU. She knows how to take care of business, yet she is one of the funniest people that I know and she will keep you laughing when you are around her. Keep reading to get to know more about this classy co-ed!

College Lifestyles: What sorority are you from? Tell us a few things about it and why you love it?

Joli Lindsey: I am a member of the Chi Omega Fraternity. Chi Omega and its members have greatly contributed to the person that I am today. We are just a silly group of girls who like to relax and have fun and don’t worry about our appearances. It’s hard to describe why I love my chapter so much. It has taught me so much about who I am and who I want to be. It’s kind of like a huge support group that is there to pick you up whenever you fall and I have my sisters to thank for the great college experience I’ve had over the last four years.

Photo Credit: Joli Lindsey

Photo Credit: Joli Lindsey

CL: What does Panhellenic do for your Greek community, campus, school, and student body?

JL: Panhellenic has grown so much over the last couple of years. I think that the Greek Advisor that we have now has really helped with our relations with staff so that we have more support with our events. Panhellenic and InterFraternity Council (IFC) together provide healthy competition for the Greek community through activities like Greek Week in the spring and Homecoming in the fall. Many of our events involve helping out our campus through community service.

CL: Give us an example of a typical day for you.

JL: Every morning when I get to campus, I go directly to the Greek Advisor and we discuss everything that needs to be done for the day/week. I am also in constant contact with the IFC President so that we can coordinate any upcoming events. After going to class, I usually have either Panhellenic executive meeting, IFC meeting, Chi Omega meeting, or Panhellenic weekly meeting. Unless there are other events going on, I then head to work for NMSU intramurals until around 11pm before going home. Homework is usually saved for the weekends since I have little to no time during the week.

Photo Credit: Joli Lindsey

Photo Credit: Joli Lindsey

CL: What upcoming events/activities do you have planned?

JL: Greek Awards is coming up very soon where we recognize all of the chapters and their achievements over the past year. Also, next week we are having a luncheon with the chapter presidents and recruitment chairs so we can get everything ready for recruitment starting and the fall.

CL: Why do you love Panhellenic?

JL: I love Panhellenic because it has shown me how important it is to branch out and meet people from other organizations. I have learned so much about the other sororities and made some great friends that I wouldn’t have had without it. Another great aspect is that I now have an even larger network of people all over the country and I know I’m going to get a job and feel comfortable anywhere I go.

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Photo Credit: Joli Lindsey

Photo Credit: Joli Lindsey

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