Top Five Spring Formal Themes
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Sorority formals are considered the prom of sorority life. You get all dolled up with your sisters, invite a lucky guy to share the evening with you and dance the night away to some of today’s hits from artists like  Rihanna and Katy Perry. Thankfully, formal isn’t as stressful as prom and doesn’t come with the high school freak outs about who is wearing the same dress.

Having a theme for formal makes the event more enjoyable. A theme adds a certain essence to the formal; from the time invitations are sent out to the time guests arrive to the venue, the anticipation has built and formal-goers are excited to see what is in store for the rest of the evening. Wanna know the top five formal themes? Keep reading and CL will give you the scoop on the most popular spring formal themes!

An Evening With The Stars

Roll out the red carpet! A Hollywood theme is one of the go-to themes for any event, especially for a sorority formal. Your guests will be treated like A-list celebs, with a “Walk of Fame” leading them into the venue and mini-Oscars being handed out toward the end of the night for some lucky sisters.

Viva Las Vegas

Between the mini Eiffel tower replicas as center pieces and the mock-blackjack tables, guests will really think they’re in Sin City. A Las Vegas theme will wow your guests. Las Vegas is known for its restless nightlife and casinos, so some good props would be makeshift slot machines along with lots of dice and poker chips. To add a little flair, try recreating some of the famous signs seen around Vegas.


Spring time in Italy

Who wouldn’t love to eat dinner with their friends near the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Spring time in Italy will have your guests swooned by the romantic scenery. Give the some Tuscan flair by serving lasagna, spaghetti or any other Italian cuisine. Create a vineyard for guests to serve as a backdrop for photos for an artistic twist.

Old School 

Old school themes are the most fun because there are so many decades to choose from, and you can add your own modern twist to make it unique. You can choose the ’50s and create a swinger-type theme or you can go with a mod ‘80s theme and play music from Madonna and Cindy Lauper. Old school themes are a favorite among sororities because they give variety.


When In Rome

There’s something regal about a Roman themed event. Picture colossal pillars, gorgeous tapestry draped along the doorway and walls adorned with vine leaves. A Roman themed formal adds a royal yet rustic feel to the event. Serving grapes and wine (if allowed) would serve as the perfect hors d’ourves.


There you have it, the top five spring sorority formal themes. Pin photos of your sorority’s formal or your favorite formal themes and share with them on the College Lifestyles Pinterest page! With these tips, hopefully your sorority will have a classy and memorable formal!


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