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Adjusting to college is never easy, even if you’re trying to get back into the swing of university life after a relaxing and refreshing winter break. Maybe you haven’t been able to avoid the freshman 15 like you hoped, or you just want to shed the extra post-holiday pounds.

Whatever the reason, putting your body through regular fitness workouts is a fabulous way to keep your intellect and physique sharp and well-defined. If your New Year’s resolution has anything to do with fitness, now is a great time to whip your body into shape.

Finding the best workout for you is only the first step. Will you be a runner? A biker? A swimmer? If you’re looking for a workout that is stress-relieving, long-practiced, and physically as well as psychologically beneficial, yoga might be the perfect place to start.

Want to start doing yoga, but don’t know exactly what you need? CL has a few recommended beginners’ essentials to keep your yoga workouts classy, graceful, and most importantly, safe.

Rhody Fitness suggests the use of Gaiam products to help you get off to a great yoga start. The Yoga Essentials Mat and Block will provide you with a comfortable surface to stretch out on as well as an effective form of lightweight stability necessary for proper body alignment. These are great tools to consider when deciding what to bring to college when you move back in with your roommates.

Stay hydrated, just as you would with any other workout. Keep a bottle of water with you, and take frequent water breaks between poses.

Stretch. No matter what form of physical activity you’ve chosen to take part in this spring, stretching is important to help prevent injury and severe fatigue. Check out these traditional stretches to build a stretching routine that works for you.

Stick with it. Like running, yoga should be done regularly in order to maintain its physical effectiveness. Plan on doing yoga at least three times a week in order to improve your flexibility and strengthen your core muscles.

Working out to obtain the ideal spring break look? Check out this article for a 30-day workout plan that will help get you into shape just in time for your trip to the beach.

For a more in-depth look at the benefits of doing yoga as a classy college co-ed, click here.

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