Travel: Updating your Passport
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Traveling is an exciting experience involving a thorough planning process: where to go, what to pack, how much to spend, and the most vital process: a passport!

Passports seem to slip under the radar when planning a trip, but it is important to be aware if your passport is expired. The longer you wait to renew your passport, the process becomes more difficult and expensive. Whether you are planning to study abroad next semester, a summer island get away, or a fabulous Spring break destination with all of your friends, make sure your passport is updated and ready to go!

Fortunately, in most cases, updating a passport can be worry and hassle free. In order to renew by mail, your passport must be:

· Undamaged,
· Issued when you were age 16 or older
· Issued within the last 15 years
· Issued with your current name

Along with your passport, you must submit a DS-82 form, which can be found and completed online. The final package will include the DS-82 form, birth certificate, recent photograph, envelope and postage.

To update your passport in person, find out where the local passport acceptance facility is located, which can be found on your Department of State’s website. Simply Google search your state’s name, followed by “Department of State.” A few steps you will need to take care of in advance:

Step 1: Fill out form DS-11 (can be found online and printed)
Step 2: Submit evidence of U.S citizenship (previous undamaged passport, birth certificate, etc.)
Step 3: Present Identification
Step 4: Photocopy of your identification
Step 5: Pay the applicable fee
Step 6: Provide a passport photo

For more helpful tips on the updating process, please visit:

To ensure a fabulous, safe, and classy trip, take the time to update your passport! Complete your destination with these essential steps.


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