Sorority Chat: Spring Recruitment Does and Don’ts
January 10, 2013 | by

Spring recruitment is a stressful time for both Potential New Members and active members. Here are some does and don’ts for an active Co-ed taking part in spring recruitment.

Do be positive. Don’t complain! A negative attitude is contagious. Recruitment does take a lot of time and a lot of smiling, but the livelihood of your chapter depends on it. Stress and emotions will be high between everyone, so staying composed is important.  A happy attitude will spread and boost the morale of your chapter.

Do be honest! Don’t lie. The last thing you want to do is lie to a potential new member. Discussing topics such as dues and time investment can be tricky topics to cover, but it must be done! Everyone you speak to expects you to be genuine in what you say, and if you aren’t they will most likely find out. Even if they do not join your chapter, you want them to leave with a positive impression.

Do be friendly! Don’t be fake! We’ve all seen that girl in those sorority movies. The girl who talks too highly, laughs too loudly, and just screams fake. Don’t be her. Be yourself! These girls may potentially be your sisters and they want to see if they can envision you as their sister. Make each and every girl that you encounter feel welcome and comfortable! Truly invest in the time you have with each girl by getting to know her, so you can gauge her potential in your chapter. PNMs can tell if you are truly interested in them or just going through the motions.

Do get to know the girl. Don’t ask cliché questions. As hard as it may be, try to avoid questions such as, what is your major, year, and hometown. As you know from your experience in recruitment, girls are repeatedly asked those questions and get burned out on them! Ask questions like: what is your favorite form of exercise, what is a story that your family always tells about you, or what is the last movie/book you saw/read that you loved. Be creative and witty when thinking of topics to talk about! You might find out some common interests you have and will have a better idea of if this girl is a fit for your chapter.

Do talk about your sorority. Don’t talk about another sorority. When a PNM is in your house you want their focus to be on how fabulous your chapter is. If another sorority does come up in conversation only say something positive about that sorority, but then redirect the focus back to your chapter  by mentioning an event you participated in with that chapter. A potential new member is at your house for a limited amount of time, so you want to talk up your sorority as much as you can.

Need advice for what to wear as an active member during spring recruitment? Check out CL’s Guide to Spring Recruitment: Looks for Chapter Members .


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