Sorority Chat: Formal Recruitment
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The words “formal recruitment” stir a mix of emotions in some college girls. Many might feel excited and anxious, whereas others may feel scared and overwhelmed. However you’re feeling toward formal recruitment, those feelings will turn into joy and anticipation once you’ve received an invitation to join a sorority.

Between finding sophisticated outfits and learning about Greek life, the sorority extravaganza known as formal recruitment gives potential new members a chance to tour the sorority chapters on campus to find which chapter best fits them. Most universities have formal recruitment  that lasts for a week, doing a different activity each day.


Orientation is the calm before the storm. Here, PNMs will be debriefed on the week’s schedule and will meet girls who will be going through formal recruitment with you.

Panhellenic Day

Most PNMs feel intimidated and nervous on Panhellenic Day. PNMs get the opportunity to interact with m

embers of different sororities. Although it may seem frightening, just remember you’re trying to get to know them just as much as they’re trying to get to know you. Stay poised and let your personality shine!

House Tour Day

PNMs often find themselves feeling like kids in a candy store on House Tour Day. Throughout the week, PNMs should have weed out the sororities that don’t feel like a fit in order for them to find where they belong. Here, girls are introduced to each sorority house. This may take a day or two, depending on how many sororities there are on campus.

Philanthropy Day

Sororities pride themselves on philanthropy, and PNMs discover the meaning of philanthropy on this day. Each sorority discusses their chapter and national philanthropy. Girls get an insight on how each sorority gives back.

Preference Day

Preference day gives PNMs a last chance to wow each chapter. This day requires for formal clothing, as sorority members will give their testimonies and memories of their experience.

Bid Day

The anticipation that’s been building all week is all released on Bid Day. PNMs receive invitations to join a sorority. This is the beginning of a newfound sisterhood that will leave you with lifelong memories.

Read these tips from women who’ve gone through formal recruitment. Remember, confidence is key!

“Go to every event you can – if the opportunity arises where you ‘are not required’ to go to an event/ice cream social/information session – GO. Also, have NORMAL conversation – there is so much ‘talk’ and ‘articles’ and discussion in books, TV, and from speakers on ‘what you should talk about.’” -Shelly

“Be yourself. Don’t put on an act to impress a certain house. They will never know who you really are if you try to be someone else. The sorority you are meant to be in will love you for who you are.” -Jessica, Phi Sigma Sigma, Hofstra University

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