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Being an RA (Resident Assistant) is a crazy job, and decorating a bulletin board is one of the many responsibilities they have. As an RA I know firsthand the whirlwind of activities that must be balanced. Although it may seem passé in comparison to discipline or programming, bulletin boards are just as important a responsibility. They are a simple way to create a classy statement on your floor. Bulletin boards constantly change and sometimes it can seem impossible to come up with a new idea. CL has tips and ideas to help my fellow RAs and classy co-eds!

 Things to use:

  • Your school’s logo and sports team

This was my first board of the year. I used WVU’s new Big 12 Conference status as the theme to promote school pride.

  • Seasons
  • Welcomes and farewells: I find farewells to be incredibly special. My residents my first year got very close. Leaving them with a message like this made their goodbye to each other and myself bittersweet and memorable:

  • Popular culture
  • Quotes: Quotes that are meaningful, empowering, sassy and funny make good statement boards.

Remember to use helpful websites like Reslife.net, and Pinterest. Using other Internet searches creatively will help too.

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Lauren Davis is a senior at West Virginia University. She is a returning writing intern for CL. In her spare time she enjoys friends, magazines, and food. To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds be sure to follow College Lifestyles on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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