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It’s beginning to look a lot like….Spring Semester!  Love it or not, some of us classy co-eds are already back in classes for the spring, and the rest of us are packing up to return to campus.  We leave our comfortable home dwellings for the lovely bare white walls of our dorm or apartment.  As we unpack our holiday pictures with our best friends, planners, and bathroom supplies, we wonder, ‘Where will this fit?

After bringing out the hammer and nails, we quickly realize holes in the wall are not attractive (and sometimes yield a fine), and we need to resort to hanging without damaging.

Enter UM! Brand products.  UM! Brands use their patented EverSTIK material which is residue free and allowing for an easy, nail, hammer, power drill free do it yourself project.  The material never loses its stickiness so you can stick and re-stick anything up to 10 pounds as many times as you like.

The great folks at UM! Brand sent us some products for review, and we took to these items very quickly!  Our favorites include the Note UM!, Mirror UM!, and Frame UM!.

Official Note UM! in the College Lifestyles Home Office

A college essential is a white board, however, many are big, bulky, and won’t fit on our closet doors.  The Note UM! has a space for market (with a built in eraser) and fits perfectly on a closet door.

Hook UM! in the College Lifestyles Break Room

While we long for the huge master bathrooms on HGTV, we are stuck with a cramped sink/mirror/counter space.  Hook UM! allows one to hang a flat iron/curling iron and Stick UM! allows you to organize your makeup brushes.

UM! Brand also includes Frame UM! and Mirror UM! products.

Bathroom Decor Looks from UM! Brand

Purchase UM! Brands products at  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure:  We’d like to thank the folks at UM! Brands for sending us products for this story.  As always, opinions are that of our own.

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