DIY: Valentine’s Day Cards
January 11, 2013 | by

A gift can hold much more sentimental value if it’s made from the heart. Making a lovely card is a perfect way to let that special someone know how much they mean to you. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, why not show some love with a quick and easy DIY Valentine’s Day card project?

Craft supplies:

  • cardstock
  • doilies
  • black and white photographs
  • tacky glue
  • red and white string
  • thin black sharpie


  1. Decide the template of the card: simply fold the cardstock in half for a standard look or use a 5” x 8” piece.
  2. Place ¾ of one of the doilies in the front of the card and adhere with glue.
  3. Create a sophisticated “photo booth effect” by combining black and white photos for a vintage look and glue them in a pattern of your choosing. 
  4. You can decorate your card using a thin permanent marker with Valentine’s Day quotes or leave it plain and simple with a meaningful message inside.
  5. Twist the red and white string together to create a candy cane-esque look. Then wrap the combined string around the card and tie with a bow!

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