Meet Lauren Davis: Dorm/Apartment Life Writer, West Virginia University
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Name: Lauren Davis

College Lifestyles ™ Intern Position: Dorm/Apartment Life Writing Intern

Hometown: (the burbs) of Philadelphia

School: West Virginia University

Year in studies: Junior

Major(s)/minor(s)/concentration(s): Public Relations major, and Communication Studies minor. I’m also working towards a Certificate of Digital Proficiency.

Organizational involvement: Public Relations Student Society of America

I am excited for second semester because: NERD ALERT! I love new classes, teachers, classmates, and supplies. New semesters are a chance for me to do the best that I can; I love starting over and fresh.

My favorite thing about the Spring is: flowers blooming

My dream Spring break is: anywhere where I can get some sun, I love any place with a beach. My ultimate Spring vacation is a cruise.

I wish I could study abroad: to any Spanish speaking country, because I love (attempting to) speak Spanish.

My number one DIY craft for this semester is: I have two that I want to make this semester: a mobile made out of old CDs, and making paintings on canvases.

My fashion and accessory favorites for this Spring are: statement necklaces. They draw attention to your face, and make an outfit more fun.

Me and my co-worker Freddie looking spiffy at the RA Banquet.

My dream job is:  I dream big. I want to work for a major magazine like Teen Vogue or Cosmopolitan, design advertisements for companies like Forever 21, or do event planning for MTV.

My favorite food is: anything chocolate!

My favorite movies/T.V. shows are: “Jersey Shore” (no shame.) I love reality TV,  I get sucked into those shows every time. “The Real World” and “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” are some of my other favorites. I also enjoy watching anything on “The Food Network” and HGTV.

My favorite book is: “Eat Pray Love.” I’ve never learned so much from a book!

My celebrity dream date is/with: Channing Tatum.

I get my inspiration from: magazine ads, I use them instead of posters for dorm decorations.

My secret get-away during the semester is: going to Coopers Rock State Forest, it’s only 15 minutes from campus, and there is a famous overlook where you can see everything. It’s the perfect place to go for a hike, sit and think, and relax.

Always trying to keep life interesting!

My friends would describe me as: Outgoing, Crazy, and Genuine

Three things I want to accomplish before the Summer: I want to keep my GPA as high as I can, try to eat healthier (especially after a finals week diet of fried food and coffee) and be continue to be happy and stay positive!

My favorite College Lifestyles ™ article was: Eco-friendly D-I-Y Projects. It’s always a good choice to go green.

My definition of a classy co-ed is: someone who is confident in who they are and what they represent.

Why I am excited to be a College Lifestyles ™ Intern: I am excited to have published work! I get to be a part of CL‘s online community, where being the best woman you can be is what is most important. Being that my area of writing is in Dorm/Apartment Life, I cannot wait to further extend the skills and that I have acquired in my current job of being an RA and use them to their fullest extent in writing about Dorm Life.

Working at New Student Orientation with the mascot! Let’s Go Mountaineers!!!!

About Author

Lauren Davis is a senior at West Virginia University. She is a returning writing intern for CL. In her spare time she enjoys friends, magazines, and food. To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds be sure to follow College Lifestyles on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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