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The holiday season is the perfect time of year to give back: most businesses, organizations and college campuses hold drives to raise money, clothing and food for those who need it most.

You may be wondering: “As a college student, what can I do? Why should philanthropy be important to me?”

Read on below, and learn why giving back is so important to the College Lifestyles ™ Family.

Canned food drives are essentially one of the easiest ways to give back during the holidays. They are also one of the cheapest ways to give back. $5 – $10 worth of canned foods could potentially feed an entire family. So for college students on a budget, this is a great way to lend a helping hand without overspending.

“Other creative ways to give back include: sending holiday cards to troops overseas, visiting a local children’s hospital or nursing home to give them a fresh face to talk to or volunteering at a soup kitchen to pass out food to homeless or needing families!”  – Mallory Hatten, Editing/Features Writing Intern, University of Southern Mississippi, College Lifestyles ™.

Canned food drives are important to me because it breaks my heart when there are people in your hometown and you don’t do anything about it. I love giving to the needy if I can give I give. Canned food drives should be important to college students because college students can learn how to give back to the needy because someone gave them food when they were hungry on campus. Another way I give back throughout the holiday season is I donate my old clothes that I don’t wear anymore,” – Courtney Smith, Social Media Intern, University of Memphis, College Lifestyles ™.

“In high school, we had a canned food drive event every fall called the Canned Food Fun-a-Thon. We participated in a lot of fun bonding activities with our grades, like making the cans into shapes or bowling with them, and an overall contest to see which grade would bring in the most cans – whoever did got a pizza party. It was great to know that ALL of the cans were going to people who really needed them.

“In college, the big canned food drive event was during Greek Week. All of the chapters on campus would bring in TONS of cans and participate in Construction. It was a great time to work with other sororities and fraternities, and knowing that the cans were going to be donated.

“Also, Alpha Sigma Tau, Beta Delta chapter, of which I am an alumnae, hosts an Eat So They Can dinner each fall. Last year was a murder mystery theme, and this year they are throwing a dinner and a movie event. Read more about Eat So They Can events here,” – Debra Schreiber, Managing Editor, College Lifestyles ™.

“I had the honor of interning at NW Louisiana Food Bank, ANY and ALL food items are used for the benefit of feeding families. I say honor because it was a life changing experience for me personally and professionally. Food is a basic need for human life – and the beautiful thing about a can food drive is ALL can participate. For a few dollars or even a bag of pasta and pasta sauce, you can feed a family,” – Shelly Marie Redmond, Founder, Executive Director, Editor-in-Chief and CEO, College Lifestyles ™.

College Lifestyles is excited to have partnered with ‘Feeding America’ in our goal for providing 1000 meals to families in need this holiday season.  Help us meet our goal by ‘giving up’ one coffee and donating the $3 to Feeding America by clicking here –

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