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With 2013 just a day away, classy co-eds are putting the finishing touches on all of their resolutions to make this their best yet.  But when trying to juggle a busy schedule, class, homework, clubs, sorority duties and a social college life, it’s easy to slip back into your old routine and forget about the bold changes you promised to make upon entering the New Year.

College Lifestyles is here to bring you the ultimate guide to how to reinvent yourself in 2013 the happy, healthy way. These tips and solutions are easy to follow fun to do. You will never have to worry about backing out of these resolutions. Whether you’re looking to make a small change or a big impact, the tools and advice you need are all right here.

 1. Promise yourself some alone time.

It’s easy to forget to take time out for yourself when the academic, extracurricular and social scenes at college are all so demanding. If one of your resolutions is to stress less this year, try writing down your favorite activities and engaging in one of them at least once a week – all by yourself. Is baking your thing? Physically schedule time in your planner to whip up a new dish. Do you have a passion for fashion? Spend the afternoon doing DIY projects to add some flair to your wardrobe. Taking time out to do things you enjoy eases stress and anxiety. The added alone time also gives you a sense of serenity and clarity, which will make tackling anything college life throws your way a breeze.

2. Simple change, major results

Want to start the New Year with a new look? A fresh haircut is a fun, commitment-free way to embrace a “new you” for 2013. (Your hair will always grow back out!) Unsure if you are ready for a style transformation? Take this quiz from Real Simple to find out if an updated ‘do is what you need to kick off 2013!

 3. Discover a new hobby

Have you always wanted to do something new, but never had the chance? Change that in 2013. Make a “top 10” list of things you’ve been desperate to see, do or experience and make it happen. Interested in yoga? Look up yoga or fitness centers in your community and sign up for a beginner class. Have you always wanted to write a book? Carve out 30 minutes every day to brainstorm ideas and let the words flow. The simple act of writing something down or doing a little research will get you motivated to follow through on your resolutions.

4. Give Back

One of the easiest and most rewarding ways to reinvent yourself this New Year is through community service. Gather a group of your friends and brainstorm on a 2013 service project. Work together help your organization of choice throughout the year – having your friends by your side to cheer you on and motivate you will make you less likely to give up on your resolution to make the world a better place.

Looking for a place to start? Talk to leaders on your campus or head over to DoSomething for service project ideas, locations and organizations.

5. Make resolutions you can stick to

Saying something and actually following through with it are two different things. That discrepancy is no more apparent than around New Year’s.  While a majority of people slack off and abandon their resolutions by February, you will not be one of them. These tips from Kristy Hanly will help you make your resolutions easy enough to stick to, but powerful enough to make an impact.

  • Make your goal specific and realistic. Example: “I would like to lose 2 pounds a week” is better than “I want to lose 100 pounds by May.”
  • Record the positives in your progress. Look back at your “positivity journal” when you are feeling down on your luck or want to abandon your resolutions.
  • Reward Yourself. After achieving an established goal, treat yourself to a night out with your friends or a shopping spree.
  • Visualize yourself having achieved the goal. Spend a few moments each day imagining the future when you have achieved your goal. Make the image as vivid as possible; there is evidence that suggests visualizing allows the mind to believe it is possible to achieve the goals, which can be very effective in guiding you towards reaching and keeping your resolution.

What are your plans and resolutions for 2013?

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