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“Helping a client come up with the perfect design and seeing them happy with the finished product makes every day at ABD incredibly rewarding.” ~Adam Block Design Team Member

College Lifestyles is thrilled to announce our partnership with Adam Block Design.  Adam Block Design creates ‘boutique Greek wear,’ and it scores an A+ in our book on style and class.  Read on to learn why we partnered with an organization as classy as Adam Block Design.

Adam Block Design Paint Room.

Adam Block Design(ABD) was started in 2008 with the belief that Greek clothing should be more than just letters and clip-art on a shirt, and that each piece they make would be original, creative, and awesome. Since their founding 4 years ago, ABD has continued to push the boundaries of Greek design and has continually worked to do whatever they can to combine the worlds of Greek-wear and boutique fashion.

‘I love the simple metallic writing of this shirt.’  ~Mallory H, Features Editor

ABD bases their company not only on great design, but in a young customer service team whose attitude is fostered within their headquarters in Los Angeles and with events like an occasional all-team outing to the beach. Their team of customer service “ninjas” (as they refer to them) have an amazing knowledge of the carefully-curated products that they offer, assuring to be the best out there. Emailing back and forth with an ABD ninja can feel like corresponding with a good friend, and their relaxed, easy-to-work-with attitude allows for an amazing experience in creating a custom design for your group.

‘I would put this tank under a cardigan or blazer to represent my chapter during the winter months.’  ~Mallory, Features Editor

Built on these fundamentals, the customer service and design teams at Adam Block Design combine to create the best Greek-wear out there and continue to innovate and transform Greek design.

Favorite choice of Debra, Managing Editor.

The following quote sums up the ‘class’ of Adam Block Design:

“When you love your clients, co-workers, and jobs as much as we do, the final product really thrives.”

College Lifestyles is a proud supporter of Adam Block Design.  Shop their selections for all your Greek needs here.

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