DIY: Things to Do With Mason Jars
October 14, 2012 | by

Mason jars are wide-mouthed glass containers usually used for storing food. Who knew you can also use them as picture frames, organizers and all sorts of home décor? They’re available at grocery stores, but if you’re feeling extra creative try order a pack from!

Pictures: Simply place a picture in a mason jar and top it off with the cap for a very easy picture holder! This DIY project can look instantly vintage by printing your picture in black and white. You can also decorate the outside with permanent markers or glam it up with some rhinestones.

Lantern: This would be perfect for centerpiece decorations or to brighten up a room a little. The jars can be filled with water with a floating candle, stuffed with Christmas lights or decorated with a solar-powered light source for all sorts of lantern pieces. A funky idea (perfect for Halloween) is to break glow sticks in the jar to get a splattered effect and placed near a black light.

Another trick is to cover a mason jar with stickers (stars, perhaps?) and spray painting over the stickers. After waiting for the paint to dry, remove the stickers and place a candle or other light source in the jar and you have your own little version of Starry Night!

Plants: You can start an at-home garden with potting soil, seeds and mason jars. Hang them up on the wall using metal clamps or attach them to a wooden board, as long as they get sunlight! You can build an eco-system in a jar or plant some flowers (I recommend pansies)!

Organizers: Mason jars make for perfect organizers. Chalk paint (make your own with this DIY recipe can be used to create changeable labels whether you’re organizing spices or pencils! The inside of the jar can be painted different colors and decked out with lace to give it a classier look. Mason jars can also be attached to a spinning carousel to give it a different spin (ha, get it?).To take it one step further, you can glue a jar to a candlestick holder for a fun, but elegant look.

Party favors: The options are endless when it comes to mason jars and gift ideas! For food, a recipe in a jar is the way to go. Mini jars are great baking containers for mini cupcakes and pies. These make great gifts as well. Are you looking for a girls night out gift? Try packing a mini manicure set with nail polish, cotton balls, travel size nail polish remover and a nail file.

Drinking glass: There are even mason jars made with handles. If you’re planning a gathering, make pre-made mocktails in jars and place them in a bucket of ice! Guests can grab drinks as they go and even have souvenirs to take home. These drinking glasses can be decked out with ribbon and colorful straws. Another idea is to make pink lemonade garnished with lemon wedges!

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