The Life of a Sorority Recruitment Chair
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With the start of classes comes one of the most exciting and stressful times in the Greek calendar — recruitment season. Everything is expected to be perfect in order to wow PNMs. It’s tough to keep sisters energized during the long retreats and even longer nights of recruitment. Recruitment would be impossible to pull off without someone leading the planning and motivating the sorority. This job is left up to the Recruitment chair.

Recruitment chairs do a lot more than make a speech during the round to thank you for coming. I had a chance to talk to Caitlin Sawyer, the recruitment chair of Phi Sigma Sigma at Hofstra University, to find out about all the hard work she does.

Caitlin Sawyer (on left) planned a Gossip Girl round for Spring 2012 Recruitment!

CL: First off, what made you want to become the recruitment chair of your chapter?

Caitlin Sawyer: I love event planning…so that’s what initially drew me to recruitment. I found it so cool that I was going to have the chance to plan everything from t-shirts and decorations to name tags. It was like a giant crafting session rolled into one and having the responsibility of planning every round right down to every detail was exciting.

CL: What is the best part of your position?

Caitlin: Planning all of the recruitment stuff and meeting PNMs. As a PNM I felt so special and cared for at these events so I love being able to give that feeling to others!

CL: What are some obstacles you face as recruitment chair?

Caitlin: An obstacle I’ve faced as recruitment chair is definitely making sure I have every single thing I need for a round. It’s so easy to forget the little things like extra tablecloths, napkins, etc.

CL: With such a long season of high-energy events, how do you get sisters motivated and excited for recruitment?

Caitlin: I try to be overly enthusiastic about events so I can pump them up.  Also, staying positive usually keeps all the sisters calm during recruitment.

CL: How do you keep rounds new and exciting for PNMs to set your sorority apart from the rest?

Caitlin: When I’m planning the rounds I try to have themes that are not going to be repeated so that the room, shirts, and decorations give off a completely different vibe.

CL: What advice do you have for other recruitment chairs for this year’s recruitment season?

Caitlin: Get organized ahead of time because once it’s recruitment time your mind is moving a million miles a minute.

The life of a recruitment chair is much more involved than it seems. Without all of her behind-the-scenes work, recruitment would fall apart at the seams. For some tips on this semester’s recruitment, check out Leslie’s article Sorority Life: Fall Recruitment.


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