Love to Write? Become a College Lifestyles Campus Correspondent!
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Love College Lifestyles™ as much as our interns do? Fabulous!

We are currently seeking high school and college students who LOVE CL to submit articles to our site. Please refer to the step-by-step process below to get started today!

Getting Started:

View some of the articles already posted – our favorite sections are campus life, Greek life and health, but there’s so much more you could choose! We recommend picking a section you are passionate and knowledgeable about.

Topics we are interested in include:

  • Events, such as fashion shows, sporting event and fundraisers happening on YOUR campus
  • Greek life, including recruitment, Greek Week and chapter events on YOUR campus
  • Restaurants, date spots and trendy shops in YOUR college town
  • Healthy dining on and/or around YOUR campus
  • Fashion trends on YOUR campus
  • Beauty tutorials/how-tos
  • Recipes how-tos
  • Career tips
  • Tips for high school students

Topics we are NOT interested in:

  • Entertainment
  • Religious and/or political topics
  • Personal rants and/or exempts from diary
  • Anything belonging in a personal blog
  • Articles with links to products/companies (Please contact Shelly at – this is advertising)

The Writing Process:

Pick a topic you want to write about, and decide how it fits with the College Lifestyles™ brand: classy, confident chic. Then start writing! We require all articles to be 400-600 words.  We ask you sign your article (at the bottom) following the format:

(Name) is a (year in studies) (major) at (university).  Please follow him/her at (twitter handle).

Example:  Susie Smith is a junior Mass Communications major at ABC University. Please follow her at @susiesmith.

See below for some amazing past Campus Correspondent articles:

Publishing Your Article:

Once you’ve written your article, simply email it to An in-house staff member will take it from there, and you will receive word your article has been submitted. You will receive word again when it has been posted.

What About Pictures?

We only accept the following types of pictures:

  • Pictures YOU took
  • Pictures taken by a photographer specifically for your article, with their full knowledge the photos will be posted on our site
  • Polyvore sets
  • Pictures from official celebrity websites

You must submit all pictures in JPEG format saved with their photo credit information. If you do not comply with this rule, an in-house staff member will designate photos for your article. We ask you submit one to four pictures per article.

Marketing Your Article:

College Lifestyles™ will share your article via social media, but you can do the same – feel free to post to your personal social media and tag us! We also recommend emailing your article to friends and family.

Portfolio Use:

Articles and photos for College Lifestyles™ can be a great addition to your portfolio! You can either save your article links OR take screen shots to add as examples of your work in the media industry.


  • This is an unpaid freelance gig.
  • College Lifestyles™ only accepts articles that have been thoroughly researched and/or contain brilliant interviews with more than one source.
  • College Lifestyles™ does not accept any DIY crafts OR recipes from websites or bloggers; you must use a book or magazine source, or your personal knowledge, for those types of articles.
  • Any stolen or plagiarized work will not be used on our site; any work deemed as such and published by but without the knowledge of College Lifestyles™ is the responsibility of the Campus Correspondent.
  • Any article inconsistent with the brand of College Lifestyles™ will NOT be published.
  • College Lifestyles™ requests you fact-check, spell-check, grammar-check and AP style-check your article before you submit it. Articles may be re-edited at the discretion of College Lifestyles™.
  • Any articles by College Lifestyles™ Campus Correspondents may be used for College Lifestyles™ promotions, public relations, advertising, marketing, social media or strategic development purposes.
  • Articles can only be submitted by high school and college students.

© College Lifestyles™ 2013 – 2014

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Shelly Marie Redmond, MS, RD, LDN is the founder and CEO/Editor in Chief of College Lifestyles. You can follower her on twitter @shellymarierd.

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