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CL spoke with Ithaca College senior and personal trainer Matthew Pappadia on how to classy co-eds can stay fit in college. Pappadia, 21, is an occupational therapy major who spends most of his free time in the Ithaca College Fitness Center. There he can be found either working out or training clients. Last semester, he ran his own group exercise class called DubSweat, which was a 30-minute high-intensity class that focused on movement and flexibility to dubstep music. Pappadia also acquired certification from the American College of Sports Medicine this past summer. This interview contains some savvy tips on how to stay in shape while away at school.

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CL: What is a good exercise regiment to be on for the average college girl who wants to stay fit?


▪   S- Strength Training. [2/3 x per Wk.] Too often you see a person hitting the treadmill for hours at a time, everyday, consecutively. Strength training is one of the most beneficial things a person can do for their body, especially in incorporating burning fat and toning-up simultaneously. Excessive cardio burns fat, however, the fat has nothing to be replaced with. On the flip side, anaerobic exercise strengthens the muscle and, in turn, burns the fat.

▪   H – High Intensity Interval Training: HITT [2/3 x per Wk.] HIIT training incorporates very high-intensity intervals with very low-intensity intervals, never giving your body a chance to adapt. A sample routine includes sprinting and jogging, back and forth, for 30 seconds each throughout a 20-minute session.

▪   6 – 6 Meals a Day. Changes in your body also lie according to what you choose to do outside the gym. Eating six small meals a day, spaced between two to three hours of each other, is key to keeping your metabolism engaged throughout the span of the entire day.

CL: Are there very beneficial exercises that can be done without going to the gym?

MP: Plyometrics, one of the most difficult and rewarding training techniques, predominately relies on the weight of your own body. Exercises such as squat jumps, jumping-rope, mountain climbers, and v-ups are essential to any fitness program and can be done right in a person’s living room.

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CL: What is a good diet to help maintain a healthy weight?

MP: It’s hard to say considering it depends on the individual’s specific goals and body-type. Talking to a nutritionist or a trainer, individually, is never a bad idea.

CL: What, if any, supplements would you suggest to help lose weight and stay in shape?

MP: Omega-3 Fish Oils, 
Green Tea, 
Yogurt [no sugar added]
, and Whey Protein


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CL: Do you have any tips for over eating when bored or stressed?

MP: Allow yourself to cheat, not binge. A cheat meal, once a week, won’t throw you 10 steps backward. When I’m bored or stressed and I feel overcome with cravings, I eat. I am absolutely a stress-eater; but I make sure my fridge is filled with the right foods. So binging on turkey cold cuts or yogurt might even prove beneficial in the end.

If you want more healthy tips, be sure to check out intern Casey’s article, Forever Fit: How to Stick to a Workout in College.

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