The Ultimate (High School) Senior-Year Bucket List
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After three years of awkward moments, changing friend groups and life lessons, your senior year of high school has finally arrived! Don’t let this year go by without making it one for the books. Follow this bucket list to make your senior year memorable!

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Tryout for a new sport

I had never held a water polo ball until the day my friends convinced me to try out for the team senior year. While it was strange being on the team at first, I had so much fun making friends and learning a new sport.

Plan a prank

Many students say they’ll do one, but it never happens! Plan a harmless prank with your favorite seniors and make a mark in your high school’s history.

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Participate in your school pageant

Many high schools host a “Mr. & Miss _____ High School” pageant with the prize being scholarship money. Does the sound of participating scare you? Then do it! Beat your stage fright and sign yourself up!

Go on a road trip

This may be your last year in your home state so there’s no better time to explore! Throw a dart on your state map and take a trip with friends to where it lands.

Plan a flash mob at Prom

Shhh don’t tell the underclassmen! Surprise everyone by planning a flash mob with some of your senior buddies s and d make prom unforgettable!

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Have an even better after-prom celebration

Midnight swimming, camping on the beach or a party at your best friend’s house. Make after-prom better than prom itself!

Attend one game for every sport

Nothing beats school spirit. Secure your spot as most-spirited by watching at least one game for each sport at your school!

Meet new people

Just because you’ve been in high school for three years doesn’t mean you can’t change things up a bit! Make new friends, meet new people and let everyone know who you are!

Don’t let senior year go by without trying something new! Add your own fun events to this bucket list and check them all of before graduation!

Noelia Trujillo is a rising sophomore at the University of Florida majoring in Journliasm and Communications. After studying abroad in Spain and Greece for the first month of Summer 2012, she will be an active Living and Lifestyles writer for College Lifestyles. Along with her passion for writing, she loves to spend time with her family, make people laugh and be happy!

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