The Sorority Recruitment Series: First Impressions
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College Lifestyles has already covered the basics of what to wear for both the chapter and for the PNM – so be sure to check it out! But in addition to what you wear, your overall appearance and your first impression is just as important! Last week we covered values and topics to talk about – this week it’s all about making yourself look CLassy and presentable by making a lasting impression.

Many ladies compare recruitment to a job interview, but it shouldn’t be! Think of it as your first date with someone – you’re just trying to get to know a person and see if they could possibly be the right fit for you. Nothing too scary about that!

There is simply nothing more important than a first impression. First impressions are often how we are judged and how we are likely to be remembered. Check out this list of great tips to make yourself stand out and be remembered in a positive way!


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Keep it simple: The last thing you want to do is overwhelm! Simple is better, because then you can both focus on what’s important and avoid being distracted. Keep your perfume to a minimum – one spritz is more than enough. Keep it classy with a set of pearls or simple studs. And remember you want to be comfortable – wear a cute pair of flats over those rockin’ heels or a “flowy” dress versus a skin tight one.

Wear outfits representing you: Too many times I have seen ladies go through recruitment wearing what they thought they were supposed to wear. There are obviously attire guidelines you must follow, but don’t wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable or does not represent your sense of style. Style speaks volumes about you and your personality – so let it show!

Make it Personal: Use CL’s list of topic conversations as a guide to start off, but then take the conversation into your own hands and find things in common to chat about – or talk about you! You are fabulous and unique. Give them a glimpse of you and allow them to feel like you are real.

Be Happy: If you appear as if you don’t want to be there, then why would they want you to be a part of their chapter? Smile, shine, be cheerful, and remember why it is you chose to be there. I know you might be nervous, but I promise everything is always easier when you’re smiling.

Be Confident!: Be strong. Be you! Nobody knows you better than you! Show them what you are made of and why they’d be making a great decision in choosing you. As I previously said, you are fabulous and unique. Do not be afraid to show them that!

Diane Ferrer, Sorority Life and Relationship Writer at College Lifestyles, is a Senior Advertising Major at Quinnipiac University that wants to see the world. She enjoys dancing, sunshine, laughing, the beach, new adventures, and Kappa Alpha Theta.

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