Need Motivation to Stay Fit? There’s an App for that!
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Smartphones can be used for almost anything these days, so why not take advantage of these little gadgets and their infinite apps? You’d be surprised at how easy it is to stay fit and healthy with these six apps:

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Health and Diet Apps:

Lose it!: My personal favorite calorie counter. This app has almost every food and makes it extremely simple to track calories in and calories burned. It also allows you to scan barcodes and share your progress with other users. All you have to do is enter your daily calorie goal and how many pounds you want to lose per week and you’ll be good to go! (Free)
Fooducate: You won’t need to spend half your day in the grocery store with this handy app. Scan any barcode and find out how healthy your grocery list choices really are. Fooducate gives every food a letter grade, a break down of the nutrients in the food, and consumer comments! (Free)
My Fitness Pal: This is another one of my favorite trackers. It has a HUGE food database of over 1.4 million foods, so you won’t have to worry about them not having your food item. It also contains tons of workouts and allows you to connect with other Fitness Pal users! (Free)


Exercise Apps:

Bodybuilding: If you’re an avid fan, you’ll love this app! It’s convenient if you have no clue where to start when it comes to strength training or even if you need to add a few new moves to your current routine. It includes workouts for every target body part and it’s not difficult to follow, unlike some of those complicated workouts that are demonstrated in health magazines (you know, the ones you spend an extra 20 minutes at the gym attempting to do but ultimately fail and just end up embarrassed.) (Free)
Women’s Health: Toss all your workout routine cutouts from magazines and download this free app! This is another app that has tons of workouts. Similar to the Bodybuilding app, you can choose exercises for a target body part or you can do a circuit of about 5 moves. Pictures are included, so the moves are very easy to follow. (Price: $1.99)
Nike Training Club: This app is AMAZING if you prefer to do your workouts at home! Choose from four goals, one of them being a “Get Focused” option with 15-minute workouts,  then choose your intensity level, either beginner, intermediate, or advanced, and the app will sync your music while timing your workout routine. The moves are not complicated at all and most of the routines are 30 to 45 minutes long. For extra motivation, share your workouts with your Facebook friends! (Free).

Most of these apps are free and very easy to navigate. They have helped me stay on track in the gym, at home, and even on vacation!

Raquel Santos is a Health and Fitness writer for College Lifestyles™. She is a junior studying Dietetics at Rutgers University in New Brunswick and an absolute gym rat. When she’s not training for races, she likes to catch up on the latest health trends, read, hang out with friends and family, draw, and write in her blogs.


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Raquel Santos is a senior at Rutgers University. Follow her on Twitter @raqueltossi. To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds be sure to follow College Lifestyles on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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