Keep Up With ODU’s Own Public Relations Persona Shaniece!
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Name: Shaniece Sanford

Position: Public relations intern

College/University: Old Dominion University

Year in studies: I am a senior! [claps hands]

Major/minor: I am a Communications major and Fashion Merchandising minor.

Organizational involvement: I am a resident assistant, acting presidents of D.E.S.T.I.N.E.D, and communication club member.

I show my school spirit by: Participating in ODU spirit Fridays where the campus shows its pride by wearing ODU gear!

My favorite thing about Fall is: My favorite thing about Fall is the fashion! Fall usually brings deep and rustic colors with lots of knit—all things I love!

For Halloween I will be: Honestly, I stopped participating in Halloween around the time I started receiving college acceptance letters. It’s not really my holiday of choice. I’m  more of a Thanksgiving kind of girl!

Neon pants – I’m pro neon pants as long as you commit to the trend completely, strategically and whole-heartedly.

Twitter or Facebook? I am a Twitter girl through-and-through! Though the 140 characters is limiting, I love the overall atmosphere of Twitter. If you agree feel free to follow me @Sha_Not_Nice!

I love Pinterest because: I love Pinterest because it takes away the mess of the traditional cut, pin and destruction of my precious magazines! As a big fan of inspiration boards it used to kill me to cut my magazines up, but Pinterest has given me a magazine friendly alternative!

My favorite color is: My favorite color was, is and will always be purple!

My go-to accessory is: My go-to accessory would have to be my gladiator ring. It adds a bit of edge to all of ensembles!

My favorite store is: My favorite store is Topshop. I think of top shop as a more mature XXI!

My favorite food is: My favorite food is New York strip steak!

My favorite movies/TV shows are: My favorite movie of all time is Pride and Prejudice. Currently, my favorite TV shows are Common Law, Pretty Little Liars, Suits, Awkward, The Complex and I Love Lucy—yes, they still play it!

My favorite book is: My favorite book and movie are both Pride and Prejudice!

My favorite magazine is: It’s a toss-up between Instyle and Nylon.

My favorite quote is, because: I love the following quote because I believe it to be completely true. “A woman is like a tea bag- you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.”—Eleanor Roosevelt

My role model is, because:  One of my role models would definitely have to be Vivienne Westwood. She took her talent and made it into a multi-million dollar company while using her influence to show light on today’s pressing issues. Westwood is a true fashion savant.

I spend my weekends…: I spend my weekends hanging out with friends and putting large dents in my checking account—but I mean honestly what else is a girl to do?

I take a break from studying by…: I usually take snack break s while studying. A chip here and some coffee there usually does the trick!

I de-stress by…: I take naps to unload stress. Sleep normally does the job quite well.

My secret talent is: I don’t think I have one as of now, but after this I am planning on finding one.

My friends describe me as: My friends would describe me as outspoken, driven, and sassy.

My favorite College Lifestyles article is:  Top 5 Freshmen Do’s and Don’ts!

Why I am excited to be an intern for College Lifestyles: I am excited to be an intern for College Lifestyles because I had an amazing experience with the College Lifestyle’s team over the summer and look forward to building the brand in the future.

My definition of a classy co-ed: A classy co-ed is an ambitious individual who is chic, goal oriented, and constantly striving to better themselves through every success and failure.


Shaniece Sanford is a Public Relations intern  for College Lifestyles. She is a senior Communications major at Old Dominion University who speaks fluent Starbucks, Chipotle, & Twitter banter.


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