Guess Who’s Back: Martha-Raye Adjei, Classy CL Editor!
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Name: Martha-Raye Adjei

Position: Editor and Lifestyles Writer

College/University: University of Delaware

Year in studies: Senior

Major/minor: Environmental Studies and Spanish

Organizational involvement: Social Co-Chair of UDress Magazine, Vice-President of UD’s Ed2010 Chapter, news writer at STN49,  and last but not least, Miss Delaware’s National Teenager 2012.

I show my school spirit by: Reminding myself everyday that I am a Blue Hen, and going to as many athletic events as possible!

My favorite thing about Fall is: Drinking apple cider!

For Halloween I will be: Chiquita Banana! (Don’t worry, I’ll post pictures!)

Neon pants – yay or nay? Very trendy, but you have to be kind of brave to wear them.

Twitter or Facebook? Facebook. I love being able to keep in touch with people, and share photos and statuses efficiently all in the same function.

I love Pinterest because: It gives everyone the chance to be a fashion editor!

My favorite color is: Yellow, hands down

My beautiful America’s National Teenager sister queens!

My go-to accessory is: Nail Polish

My favorite store isPlato’s Closet. I’m a sucker for thrift stores.

My favorite food is: Enchilladas!

My favorite movies/TV shows are: I love anything on BBC, and foreign films in general. I also love films that take place in different time periods! Ironclad, Mother, and Sarah’s Key are my favorite movies at the moment!

My favorite book is: Walk Two Moons. It’s an old one, but a good one.

My favorite magazines are: Seventeen Magazine, Fast Company Magazine, and Nylon!

My favorite quote is: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”- Maya Angelou

My role model is Michele Obama because: She is an intelligent, beautiful woman of class. Not to mention, the First Lady!

I spend my weekends… Partying with friends and catching up on the Zzzz’s!

I take a break from studying by… Visiting friends, watching movies on Netflix!

I de-stress by… Going to the gym. A good workout always makes me feel better!

My secret talent is: I’m really intuitive. I can tell what people are thinking before they say it!

My friends describe me as: Determined, hardworking, honest!

Hanging out with the band at the Delaware Jazz Festival!

My favorite College Lifestyles article is: “The Ten Commandments of Carpool”, written by me!

Why I am excited to be an intern for College Lifestyles: We are truly a sisterhood! We are co-eds from all over the country who come together and run an awesome online magazine!

My definition of a classy co-ed: Someone who works hard and strives to be a good role model!

Martha-Raye Adjei is a senior at the University of Delaware, studying Environmental Studies with a focus in sustainable and socially responsible apparel design. In her spare time, she loves reading, writing, and working out. She is currently Miss Delaware’s National Teenager.

About Author

Martha-Raye Adjei is a senior at the University of Delaware, studying Environmental Studies with a focus in Sustainable and Socially Responsible Apparel Design. In her spare time, she loves reading, writing, and working out. She was also Miss Delaware’s National Teenager 2012. Follow her at @Ecofashionology.

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