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If you read my article “5 Guys to Second Guess if You Want It to Last”, I warned all of you classy co-eds to stray from the athletes are your school. However, if you are a confident, daring woman and want to date a Michael Phelps or a Ryan Lochte, go for it. Just know that catching an Olympic athlete (or an Olympic wanna-be) takes time and endurance. Successful dating is a marathon, ladies; it most definitely should not be a sprint!

Timing is Everything. My major worry about entering into a relationship with athletes is the amount of time they can offer. The athletes in my school, whether it is our most popular or the sport no one watches, have little time to spare during the season and during off season. In college, finding time to even see your friends is difficult for us non-athletes. However, if you’re willing to compromise and to date an athlete, do just that, compromise. Time together is important; or else how would you possibly remain in a relationship? Know his schedule (when he has practice, when he has study hall, even when he likes to nap) in order to be available when he is.

Michael Phelps and current girlfriend, Megan Rossee. She’s a model and she holds her own! Photo credit: Google Images

Ego Booster. Whenever I hear the word “ego”, automatically Beyonce’s Ego goes off in my head. Like your athletic boy, you have to have a strong ego, in a classy way. Athletes, naturally, feel strong and powerful. That expected dominance should be matched if you want to show you’re serious. Do not be the athlete’s groupie. Show your potential man and his athletic buds that you’re more than a follower; you’re your own person. A real man will respond to that confidence and swoop you up before you can even ask him to hang. And if you do end up dating, that nice arm candy will just boost your classy ego even more!

“I love supporting my athlete guy. But when he’s busy, I keep myself busy! I am proud of myself and him,” Samantha, 19.

Support your man but keep yourself strong! Photo credit:


Keep yourself in mind. As young ladies, when we become infatuated with a guy, sometimes we lose sight of ourselves. While you’re trying to snag that Michael Phelps look alike on your school’s swim team, work on yourself at the same exact time! While he’s busy at practice and living with his teammates, be with your friends and with yourself. Work on school and keep yourself well before anything else. Your dream guy will notice your upkeep and how you’ve got your life together. Surprisingly, most guys admire that! Also, keep yourself fit. Your guy is in the gym; you should be too!


If dating an athlete isn’t enough motivation, check out Raquel’s “Need Motivation to Stay Fit? There’s an App for that!” article for more tips!

Kaitlin Fitzpatrick is a Relationship and Lifestyle writer for College Lifestyles as well as a rising junior at Providence College. She loves watching Glee, going to Cheesecake Factory with her friends at school, and taking road trips. Kaitlin is very excited to work with everyone at College Lifestyles this summer! 


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Kaitlin Fitzpatrick is a Providence College junior and a second semester intern with College Lifestyles! She is excited to continue her journey with CL and with PC. Kaitlin also loves her family, her friends, her puppy, and writing!

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