Top 5 Fitness Gizmos and Gadgets
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Fitness technology is becoming increasingly popular and with so many tools to track your workouts and diet, excuses for not keeping in shape are fading. Fitness gadgets now go way beyond the simple pedometer that counts your steps. They go as far as to tell you exactly how many calories you burned during one sweat session at the gym or how many miles you logged on your jog. With such advanced technological motivation, staying fit is becoming easier and easier. Here is a list of the most recently developed fitness gear under $200:

1. Fitbit Ultra: This is no ordinary pedometer. Users can wear the small clip-on all day to monitor their every move and then upload their activity online and compare with other users. It keeps track of calories burned, distance traveled, and number of hours slept. It also has a new stair tracking feature and comes in two fabulous color options!

Price – $99.95

2. Jawbone UP Band: This convenient wristband tracks steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, workout pace, intensity level and GPS routes. Similar to Fitbit Ultra, it also tracks sleeping patterns and gives you a sleep assessment. It even has an alarm that vibrates gently to wake you up every morning. The app also allows you to track meals and create fitness challenges.

Price – $99

3. Digifit Connect: This gadget connects right to your iPod or iPhone to monitor heart rate, speed, cadence, distance, pace, and power. All you have to do is download the Digifit app and all of the data can upload onto your computer and be shared.

Price – $59.99

4. Nike+ SportWatch GPS: This runner-friendly watch provides a route-tracking feature through its GPS. There are also maps available on the Nike website with a number of running routes. It tracks calories burned, speed, distance, heart rate, and pace. You can easily sync this data to the Nike network to track your progress and compare it with other fellow Nike users. Unlike the Nike+ app on the iPod or iPhone, the Nike sensor and Nike sneakers are not necessary.

Price – $199

5. Adidas miCoach Pacer: Working out with this gizmo is almost like having a real-life trainer motivating you. This pedometer/heart rate monitor provides an audio coach when synced with your iPod or iPhone. Depending on your goals, the virtual coach tells you to speed up or slow down and informs you how many miles you have left. It also measures heart rate, speed, distance, stride rate, and calories burned. You can customize your own cardio, strength, or flexibility plan, so the miCoach Pacer is meant for everyone! Don’t be thrown off by the strap. It may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but it gives extremely accurate results.

Price – $139

These affordable devices allow you to stay on track by keeping tabs on your workouts and sometimes even your daily calorie intake. Also, sharing your workouts with others and being able to see your progress may be just the motivation you need to step it up or not slack off.  Just don’t get too competitive! Stress packs on pounds too. With these innovative workout tools, you’ll never overestimate the intensity of a workout or underestimate the caloric content of a meal again!

Raquel Santos is a Health and Fitness writer for College Lifestyles™. She is a junior studying Dietetics at Rutgers University in New Brunswick and an absolute gym rat. When she’s not training for races, she likes to catch up on the latest health trends, read, hang out with friends and family, draw, and write in her blogs.

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