CL Interviews Fashion Blogger, Mary Seng!
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CL Interviews Fashion Blogger Mary Seng of Happily Grey!



For those of you who follow fashion, Mary Seng’s Happily Grey is a blog to add to your list of blogs you adore. Her unique, wearable style is an inspiration for all co-eds to look their best and follow the latest trends without breaking the piggy bank. Although she has only been blogging for four months, she is off to an incredible start with the perfect combination of great style and a charming personality, which shines through on her site. She took time out of her day to chat with CL about fashion and offered a few tips for fashion blogging.

College Lifestyles: How did you initially become interested in fashion blogging?

Mary Seng: I have always had an interest in fashion, styling and creating that unexpected look while incorporating current trends. I have some great friends with fashion blogs (one being my sister) and after being introduced to this idea and learning more about blogging, I had a strong urgency to start one myself. My husband, Luke, who takes all the photos, has been a huge supporter from the beginning and none of this would be possible without him. My everyday job, a critical care RN, has absolutely nothing to do with the fashion industry, so it’s refreshing to have a creative outlet!

Photo Credit: Happily Grey

CL: How would you explain your personal style?

MS: I would not say I have one signature style. I tend to incorporate a little bit of everything depending on the occasion and how I feel! I would definitely choose a hip/funky style over traditional wear and love pieces with a bohemian feel. If money were no question, I think I would live in ALLSAINTS clothing. Their new fall styles are pretty great! Overall, I just love mixing and matching pieces in unexpected ways. Once again, it just comes back to creating looks in an original, authentic light.

Photo Credit: Happily Grey

CL: Where do you generally find inspiration for your outfits?

MS: I have several sources of inspiration. The biggest portion of inspiration comes from other blogs. Whether it’s personal outfit posting, collages or just random pieces, it always spurs new ideas. I also do a lot of window-shopping, and more than half the time, I never buy anything. I really enjoy seeing what’s trending and how it can be styled. My sisters accuse me of living in stores and it’s completely true. I am also hopelessly addicted to Pinterest and we all know the fashion photos and street style there is never ending. I have to say, however, my jewel of inspiration is probably my older sister and blogger at LET IT BE. Her knowledge of designers and upcoming trends is ridiculous. She recently introduced me to Clare Vivier and I am now completely obsessed. She’s got a great eye with all she does!

CL: What is your favorite article of clothing for the summer season?

MS: Definitely a maxi dress. They are comfortable, easy, and effortless. Never fails, every spring and summer season I get so excited! Here are my two favorites:

Photo Credit: Happily Grey

Photo Credit: Happily Grey

CL: Do you have any tips for how to wear an item more than one way?  You wore a red and white striped blouse two ways. How did you go about incorporating one item into two completely different looks?

MS: I love showing two styles in one post and plan to do more in the future! When purchasing an item, I always think about versatility…how can it be styled, what do I own now that I can pair it with and how many looks can I create from this one item. Finding great pieces you love and pairing them multiple ways builds a strong wardrobe and more variety. To create different looks, it could simply mean throwing on a scarf over, adding a statement necklace, choosing a boot over a heel or simply changing your hair from a ponytail to a top bun. With the red striped shirt I initially wore it more casually with a washed out skinny, distressed leather boot and a bulky scarf. I completely flipped the look by tucking it into a black skinny pant, heels, bib necklace and low bun. I strongly believe creating great looks is not about branding or having the latest piece. DIY styling and repurposing old items in a new light is creative, original and makes for the bet outfits of all!

Photo Credit: Happily Grey

CL: What are some of your fall 2012 fashion predictions?

MS: The trends this fall are insane and I am literally counting down the days till fall. A few that caught my eye:

  • Tons of neutral colors & head to toe white
  • Fur trim everywhere
  • Lots of leather done in a glossy finish
  • Metallics
  • Statement hats
  • Blanket coats done in sweaters
  • Jackets, and shawls giving a wilderness feel
  • Elaborate embroidery and embellishments to give an old-world  elegance
  • Modern military jackets
  • Fence patterns
  • Forget the cutesy skirts, its all about the pant suit!
  • My favorite- definitely the metallic and high-gloss leather variations!

Such a fun season ahead. I could not be more excited!

CL: What pieces would you suggest for college women to have as staples in their wardrobes?

MS: Wardrobe staples are typically neutrals, trend-proof, flexibly styled, and versatile throughout seasons. A few of mine would be:

  • Skinny jean- initially a trend, however, now a denim staple
  • Nude pumps- functional with almost any outfit and appears to lengthen your legs
  • Leather blazer- can be thrown over anything
  • Trench- worn through all seasons and can be dressed up or down
  • A great leather bag to throw over any outfit.

Photo Credit: Happily Grey

CL: Do you have any tips for fashion bloggers just starting out?

MS: Get ready…it’s SO addicting! I have only been blogging for four months so I definitely still have a lot of learning to do. The biggest piece of advice I could offer is always be yourself and make sure the material you are displaying is a reflection of you and your interests. Authenticity and originality will always be the most appealing for your reader so never stray. A few other tips that I’ve learned: Be consistent! Your readers need to be able to connect with your voice and style. Invest in a good camera. Personal images and street style is heavily influenced on image quality. Forget all the brands. The best style of all is original. It’s all about DIY and recreating old pieces in a new light.

To see more of Seng’s ensembles, connect with her on Facebook and follow her blog, Happily Grey!

Tiffany Tyler, Health and Beauty Writer for College Lifestyles.  She is a senior at Appalachian State University majoring in Public Relations and Journalism.

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Tiffany Tyler is Fashion and Beauty Writer for College Lifestyles. She is a senior at Appalachian State University majoring in Public Relations and Journalism.

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