Sorority Leadership: Why It Matters
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It’s time to get motivated sassy sorority ladies! Joining a sorority is exciting and fun, but why not go the extra mile? Make your sorority years really count by becoming a leader and making a difference both in your chapter and personal life.

Before you get hesitant thinking sorority leadership will require all of your time and attention causing you not to have a social life, let us first define what leadership means.

It’s not all the hard-nobody-else-wants-to-do-it type of commitment you might imagine. Becoming a leader can take different forms.

Behind the Scenes: Not everyone feels comfortable taking on huge responsibilities. There are several ways to pick up smaller duties within your chapter. For instance, join a committee. Sororities put committees in place to run specific aspects of the chapter. Joining a committee is a great way to work as a group to help guide and lead a particular function within your chapter. Other ways to lead behind the scenes include: holding your friends accountable, promoting your chapter in a positive light, and encouraging other women to join a Greek organization. It’s important to remember these responsibilities are just as important as the bigger ones. All aspects of a chapter rely on the other in order to achieve success. Just because you aren’t commanding the room doesn’t mean your actions go unnoticed.

The Middle (Wo)Man: For those of you Greek women who are eager to lead but have other commitments as well, consider taking on a medium level leadership role. These types of positions include committee chairman and event coordinators. These roles are crucial in terms of encouraging committee members to stay involved and get the job done. Without designated committee heads and event coordinators, most things within the chapter would become disorganized and chaotic. These types of positions are also great if you are looking to transition into bigger positions in the future.

Up Front and Center: The highest level of collegiate sorority leadership is found on the executive council. These positions require your dedication and hard work all the time because exec oversees the entire chapter. Executive council positions are voted on and elected by the chapter. That is why it’s important to get some mid-level leadership experience before jumping straight into an executive position. If you are really serious about becoming a leader within your chapter, participating as a member of exec may be the place for you.

Now that we understand the different types of leadership, what makes them so worthwhile? Can’t you just be a member and enjoy being a sorority woman?

Yes, you can. But the benefits you could gain from being a leader can shape your future!

Reinforcement: Leadership roles encourage you to maintain your grades and keep you on a positive track. Surrounding yourself with other leaders in the Greek community can create new opportunities for you in the future, such as Greek honor societies and other academic advancements.

Respect: As a leader in your sorority, fellow sisters will look up to you and gain a new found respect. Your friends are likely to take you more seriously once they see how dedicated you are to improving your chapter. You might even inspire a few people to follow in your footsteps.

Resume: Taking on leadership roles is a great resume booster. Employers will think it’s great you are a sorority member, but if you have no proof of involvement or leadership, often times they will overlook you. That goes for any organization. Employers look for people with determination and drive. Having a leadership role will prove you have what it takes to lead others, a great quality for the competitive job market.

Real World Experience: The skills, experience and confidence you gain from working as a leader within your chapter will shape and enhance your professionalism. Leadership roles of any kind give you a taste of the real working world. When you get a job some day, you can use your experience of leading others and apply it to your career.

The benefits are endless. Why sit around going with the flow when you could be the one to guide and shape it? Becoming a sorority leader makes a difference.


Mallory Hatten is a Sorority and Lifestyles writer for College Lifestyles. She is a senior at The University of Southern Mississippi where she studies news-editorial journalism. She loves writing, laughter, reading magazines, and College Lifestyles!

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