3 Types Of Interval Training
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Switching up your workouts at the gym is a great way to challenge your body and keep it in amazing, healthy shape. Though a steady thirty minutes on the elliptical is a great way to zone out and relax, it’s not the best option if you’re trying to get bikini-ready!  Interval training on cardio machines or with no equipment at all means increased calorie burn in shorter periods of time.  Check out the workouts below to learn how to incorporate intervals into your next gym session.

Interval Training for Beginners:

From Treadmill Trainer Blog

As an introduction to interval training, try this workout to get used to short bursts of intense activity followed by recovery periods.

Warm Up: Five minutes at an easy pace

Low Intensity Set: Pick up speed to a comfortable but lively pace for three minutes

High Intensity Set: Sprint for one minute

Repeat the low/high intensity sets three times

Cool Down: Slow down for the last five minutes

High Intensity Interval Training

This type of interval training also alternates quick bouts of all-out intensity with recovery phases. HIIT is different because you should push yourself as hard as possible during the “work” periods.

To do HIIT on the elliptical, try this idea out to start and adjust the time lengths to your preferences.

Warm Up: Five minutes

High Intensity: Work at maximum capacity for 20 seconds

Low Intensity: Recover for 40 seconds

Repeat high/low intensity periods 15 times

Cool down: Five minutes

For a different way to incorporate high intensity interval training into your current workout regiment, check out How Sweet It Is!

Tabata Training:

No gym membership? No problem! Tabata training is done in only four minutes and is very efficient.  During this workout, there are eight intervals composed of 20 seconds of incredibly high intensity. There are many different ways to complete these intervals, so check out this video from The Fitnessista or these ideas from Tabata Training.

Though interval training is tough, you will feel accomplished (and sweaty!) after pushing through it. As usual, make sure you fuel properly  before hitting the gym!


Have you ever tried interval training before? What did you like and what didn’t you like? Let us know in the comments below!


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