Staying in touch with your boyfriend over summer
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Trying to manage a relationship while balancing such things as academics, a job, a sorority, and other organizations can be hard. Summer may be just as hard if you are in a long distance relationship, travel, or keep a busy a schedule. Here a few tips on staying in touch with your boyfriend over the summer:


Good Morning Texts

Sending a simple good morning text will let your guy know he is the first thing you think about when you awake. This lets him know he is important to you. Sending a good night text to compliment the good morning text is another way to let him know you are thinking about him.

"A morning text does not simply mean 'good morning.' Rather it comes with the silent, loving message of 'I think of you when I wake up.'" courtesy of


Sometimes texting and talking on the phone is not enough when you haven’t seen your significant other in a while. If you aren’t able to make a visit to see him, thanks to technology you can still see him via the internet on your phone or computer.

Date Night

If possible you and your guy should dedicate one day out of the week to go on a date. It can be something simple like renting a Redbox and cooking dinner. Regardless of what you decide to do for a date, be sure to be spontaneous throughout the summer to keep your relationship new and fun.

Facebook/Twitter/Social Networks

Social networks are a great way to stay in touch with your boyfriend because it allows you to catch a glimpse of their life through posts and pictures. It provides another way for you to communicate with him while allowing other people to see the love you share amongst each other.



Sherelle Black is a senior at Louisiana Tech University majoring in journalism with a minor in marketing. She is president of her chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and likes to dance and hang with her sorority sisters in her spare time.

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