25 Facts About CL Intern Blakely Grimm
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   Name: Blakely Grimm

   Position: Fashion and Dating Writer

   University: Louisiana State University – Geaux Tigers!

Major: Spanish and International Studies Minor

Organizational Involvement: Zeta Tau Alpha, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, National Society of Leadership and Success

Pets: None, and it’s a sore subject

Nickname: Bee

Dream Job: Travel Writer, Event Planner

Best friends and sorority sisters, Lauren, CL Intern Blakely, and Jenny, at an LSU football game!


Favorite color: Blue

Favorite candy: Reese’s and Take Five; I’m a chocolate and peanut butter lover.

Favorite movie: Bella, Freedom Writers, Bridesmaids

Favorite cuisine: Italian and Mexican

Just hanging out in Italy!



  Favorite season: Fall

  Coffee vs Tea: Neither. I always drink water!

  PC vs Mac: Mac

  Coke vs Pepsi: Neither

  Stripes vs Polka Dots: Stripes

  3 words to describe me: Adventurous, genuine, happy

  3 words to describe my style: Classic, feminine, modest




You will find on my desk: “Juegos del Hambre” book (“The Hunger Games” Spanish version), an abundance of magazines, my Mac, a bottle of water, and pictures of friends and family

You will find on my DVR/Tivo: Dexter, Happy Endings, New Girl, Law and Order: SVU, and How I Met Your Mother. I watch a lot of TV, more than I’d like to admit!

You will find on my iPod: All types of music! I have a lot of Gavin DeGraw, Young the Giant, Juanes, Christina Perri, Sarah Bareilles and Keane.

You will find in my refrigerator: An abundance apples, oranges, grapes, blueberries, cucumbers, hummus, kale, turkey, Greek Yogurt, Soy Milk and coconut water

I have a slight obsession with: Zara, documentaries, shoes (especially wedges), anything related to Spanish language and culture, Whole Foods and weddings

I dislike: When people are mean to other people. I get really uncomfortable.

My friends would say I am: They would probably just say that I’m weird, but by “weird” they really mean passionate, down to Earth, and genuine!

I am most happy when: I’m traveling. I love seeing new things and meeting new people!

Most people are surprised to know: I have 35 first cousins and 24 aunts and uncles. All of whom I love very much!

A classy co-ed is: Someone who handles various situations with grace. She is always polite and respectful. She is positive role model and radiates confidence and poise.



 Blakely Grimm is a fashion and dating writer intern at College Lifestyles (TM). She is a senior
 major at Louisiana State University, and a member of Zeta Tau Alpha. Blakely loves
 time with her friends and family, traveling, and shopping.


About Author

Blakely Grimm is a Spanish major at Louisiana State University. Follow her on Twitter @blakelyg. To stay tuned to more articles for classy co-eds be sure to follow College Lifestyles on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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