5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Date A Co-Worker
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You can bet temptation may arise while working in close quarters with attractive colleagues. But whether you fold clothes at a boutique or bus tables at a restaurant, hooking up with a co-worker is a certified no-no.  Are you lusting over a new employee? Read these next five tips before taking it any further.



Having a boyfriend or girlfriend in college is distracting, no? Picture that, but let it interfere with another top priority instead—where you make money. Particularly during the beginning fairytale stage (ah, puppy love), you’ll want to linger around your beau and see what they’re up to, thus neglecting your work. You’re supposed to be impressing your boss, not showing him that you’re needy.


Having a relationship with someone you work with is neither appealing to your fellow employees nor your superiors who will have to watch your PDA or any explosive arguments. You were hired for your strengths and abilities and with the hopes that you can make tough decisions, including choosing to not fall in love with the closest cashier.

Also, some businesses have laws to abide by that include a policy in which employees aren’t allowed to date or marry co-workers or supervisors. Make sure you’re aware of these stipulations prior to signing a contract.



Let’s face it, you’d likely choose to work on a task with your spouse or would be less likely to report something wrong that they’d done, which could, in turn, cost you your job. Making the love of your life your favorite can also be a foundation for fights, as your significant other may eventually (and jealously) wonder why you might’ve chosen to work with another guy or girl over them.

Office Talk

Having a relationship within a place of already-gossipy employment gives your colleagues all the more reason to spread a rumor or two. People are bored at work and will stir up anything juicy to get through the day. Avoid it all by keeping it classy and keeping your dating-life separate from your workplace!

Tiana Blue is a Senior Writer for College Lifestyles™. This fourth semester sophomore at Penn State is a print journalism major with a penchant for food, stilettos, and the city that never sleeps.

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