Train Like a Tribute: Hunger Games Inspired Workouts
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or disguised as one like Peeta), you’ve probably been exposed to the phenomena The Hunger Games . From the trilogy holding the number one spot on Amazon for months to the movie’s premiere being the third most successful release ever, The Hunger Games is quickly becoming “the next big thing.” Katniss’s character is captivating—she is strong, courageous, and fans easily fall in love with her. In a recent interview with Self Magazine, Jennifer Lawrence shares that her physical conditioning for the role focused on balance, strength and agility to prepare for the roll of Katniss.  Want to spice up your own workout routine? Channel your inner tribute and try these Hunger Games-esque workouts without the bloodshed and starvation.

Trail Running

Katniss spends plenty of time running (and sometimes tumbling) around the forest. Taking your run from the treadmill to the trail challenges your body’s balance, feels better on your joints, and is a wonderful way to enjoy the spring weather and flowers.

 Body Combat

Actual person on person combat may risk physical injury, but a fun class like kickboxing, Body Attack, or a Turbo Jam DVD will still give you ample time to practice your punches and release your pent up stress and anger.


This recent fitness craze is a more practical way to build functional strength than lifting 100 pound bags of flour over your head like Peeta. Check out Ellen’s article to learn more about them!


Haven’t picked up a bow and arrow since summer camp growing up? Practice intense focus and channel your inner-Katniss at a local range. Not accessible? Look for U.S. archer Khatuna Lorig in the Olympics this summer who trained Jennifer Lawrence to shoot. In an interview with NPR, Lorig states, “Once you start shooting, you’re gonna like it… Come on, how can you not like archery? You have to be physically strong, and you have to be mentally strong. So what else do you need in your life?”  Lorig’s comment definitely resonates with Katniss fans awed by her determination, strength, and passion.


Can’t get enough of The Hunger Games? College Lifestyles has our review of the movie, thoughts on Catching Fire, and style inspiration!


Claire Brooks-Schulke is a Health & Sorority writer for College Lifestyles. She is a huge Hunger Games fan and loves the strength Katniss possesses. 


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