Relationship Advice: Five reasons you shouldn’t get hooked
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No wonder fishing has always been known to be a man’s sport. As a college student, “fishing” is apparently a dating game as well.

Guys hook girls with the bait of possibilities; play with it a little; maybe even give it a kiss. Then when the novelty starts wearing off or fear takes control of holding onto the catch too long, they get thrown back in to the world of singlehood.

Singles everywhere are swimming until they get hooked by someone they like and want more of, but the smart ones are those who don’t always fall for the bite.

In college, protecting yourself first may be the most important thing when starting a relationship. Getting hooked is not worth the pain of being teased and thrown back deprived of air and forced to keep swimming with the rest of the fish.

Since college is undeniably a tough spot for finding true love, these five signs may help you know when to keep swimming and not get hooked.  Although you may be the perfect catch, he’s probably the wrong fisher if you’re nodding yes to the following:

He only calls you when he’s drunk or at 2 a.m.

He’s lonely, bored and his plans with the first girl of the night didn’t work out. A text after midnight to hangout is code for booty-call. Do you really think a relationship based off hooking up is going to last?

He doesn’t make future plans with you

Although I think plans are usually useless, if a guy refuses to plan anything past tomorrow with you, he’s probably thinking you’re useless, too. Someone who truly cares will make an effort to ensure you’re in his future, even if it is lunch next Tuesday.

You only hangout when it’s convenient for him

If you’re forming plans solely around his March Madness schedule, he is not worth getting hung up over. No matter how much he cares about who will advance in his bracket, don’t always let him call the game plans at his convenience.

You question the relationship

‘Does he really like me or is he just acting like it?’ ‘Is he still seeing her?’ ‘What is going on in this situation?’ If you’re asking yourself or bringing up these questions to friends more than a couple times a day, run. Run far away and don’t peek back.

You hear the real story from someone else

In my human sexuality class at Central Michigan University, our class poll showed that honesty is the number one factor in a relationship. If a guy is not able to come to you with his problem about your relationship and you hear from someone else how he really feels, he’s honestly not ever going to be worth your time. Honesty starts on day one and is one of those things that cannot be compromised.


If you’re in your teens or early twenties, finding Mr. Perfect in college is not always going to happen. Therefore keeping these signs in mind when looking for the perfect catch may help protect your heart and save you some grief.

 Disclaimer: There are always exceptions. He may not make plans with you, but that’s why your relationship is spontaneous. He may only call you at 2 a.m. because he lives across the country. But when all five of these signs have been seen in more than five people I’ve met in college, to me, they’re 100 percent foolproof. Take as you may and never let your guard all the way down. 


What are some signs you see that make you double think a potential relationship? Leave a comment!

Next week, campus boys will be questioned again for another round of Guy v. Girl Pretty!


Jessica Fecteau is a senior fashion, etiquette and apartment/dorm life writer and is a sophomore at Central Michigan University. Jessica loves fashion magazines, listening to indie/folk music and traveling to big cities.

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