Day 7: What Workouts DO You Love? Share and Win a Backpack Filled with Goodies from SNAP, Hydros, and Activate!
February 7, 2012 | by

Do you ever workout alone, with friends, or a significant other?  What are your favorite workout tips?  

Are you and your best friends training for a marathon, you and your boyfriend go to the same gym, or you’re a proud DVD owner (our Editor in Chief is the owner of several pilates and Pure Barre DVDs)?  How do you stay motivated with your workouts?  Share your favorite workouts, your workout partners, and your motivation with us below for a chance to win an incredible backpack filled with SNAP Infusion, a Hydros Bottle and ACTIVATE.

Your Valentines Backpack will be filled with:


SNAP Infusion.  This SUPERCANDY™ is loaded with B vitamins to boost energy, antioxidants to support the immune system and electrolytes to balance hydration. The four flavor varieties – Mel, Bean, Tart and Gum – are super delicious sweets that boast health benefits.

 Hydros Filtering Water Bottle features an innovative side fill port and is designed to eliminate the need for disposable bottled water, saving consumers money while also protecting our environment by keeping billions of bottles out of landfills each year.  This is the only filtering water bottle featuring a twist and turn spout that makes filling and drinking from the bottle easier than any other bottle on the market.  Each filter, which lasts for three months or 150 uses, offers an average savings of $400* and keeps 200 plastic water bottles out of U.S. landfills.

ACTIVATE is an innovative, enhanced vitamin beverage ideal for people with active lifestyles. The ACTIVATE product line is revolutionizing the beverage landscape with a proprietary cap design that stores vitamins separately from the water – enabling the vitamins to stay fresh and potent. By simply twisting the cap the vitamins release, providing a fresh dose of vitamins for the consumer. A celebrity favorite, Hollywood is hydrating with this delicious variety of beverages that have quickly become a must-have for celebrities including Emma Roberts, Aimee Teegarden, Ashley Greene and Shenae Grimes.

NOTE:  We’d like to thank SNAP Infusion, Hydros, and Activate for their donation of products.  Winner will be randomly selected and will be contacted on 2/14.


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Shelly Marie Redmond, MS, RD, LDN is the founder and CEO/Editor in Chief of College Lifestyles. You can follower her on twitter @shellymarierd.

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