Easy Halloween Costumes Already In Your Closet
October 24, 2011 | by

Halloween is exactly a week away. – do you have your costume yet? If not, no worries! CL comes to the rescue with these simple costume ideas. Most of these items will already be in your (or a friends’s) closet, or can be found with a quick trip to the drugstore.


Katy Perry:
Retro makeup + Pumps + Blue/Purple Wig + Denim Shorts + Bikini Top  + Oversized Lollipop

Black Jeans + Black T-shirt + Sunglasses + Black Boots + Water Gun

Blue Jeans + Plaid Shirt + Cowboy Hat + Cowboy Boots

Black Jeans + Black Shirt + Tail + Ears + Eyeliner Nose/Whiskers

Short Shorts  + Fishnets + Sequin Top

Justin Bieber:
Hoodie + T-shirt + Converse + Black Jeans + Aviators + Dog Tag Necklace + Bieber Wig

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