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With the excitement of Halloween comes along horrors- not just in the ghost and ghoul form.  The days leading up to, and including, Halloween can get crazy with all the costumes and parties.  CL is here to help you to be a smart and safe co-ed on campus during these festivities.

Keep your money and identification on you at all times.  Even if you trust the people you are at the party with, they may have invited friends for the Halloween weekend that you do not know.  Wear a wristlet or a small messenger bag so you don’t have to worry about misplacing it.  You can even decorate your bag and try to work it into your costume!

Don’t leave candles unattended.  Sometimes we decorate with holiday themed candles or glowing lanterns.  Or we may have a carved pumpkin lit up by a candle. No matter the case, never leave the candle unattended.  When getting dressed in your costumes and getting ready to leave make sure you remember to blow out the candle.  If there is going to be a crowd at your house, put out the candles beforehand so they don’t get knocked over.  Unattended candles can definitely lead to an unwelcomed spooky Halloween.

Stay off the roads.  Halloween at college often results to excessive drinking.  Be aware of people partaking in reckless activities, especially drunk driving.  Try not to be in the roads, whether you are driving or walking, at night.

Make sure your costume is practical and functional.  If you are going to be outside make sure you are dressed warmly.  The party isn’t going to be as fun if you are cold!  Wear flats if you are not used to wearing heels.  Try not to wear long dresses that people may step on in a crowd.  Incorporate bright colors into your costume so people can see you in the dark.

Inspect your treats.  We have heard this safety rule every year since we were children.  Throw away candy that looks like it was tampered with.

Know who you are talking to.  With people wearing masks and costumes in a crowded, dim-lit party identifications could be lost.  Make sure you know who you are with, what they are wearing and how to find them.  Don’t wind up trusting someone you don’t know!

Don’t eat too much candy! Okay, so it isn’t a real danger, but it is definitely a precaution to take for Halloween.  Enjoy your sweets, but don’t overload.

Following these precautions and being safe allows savvy co-eds to have fun on Halloween with minimum worries.  Taking these simple steps will help eliminate unwanted Halloween scares!


Nicole is a CL intern who goes to Marist College.  She is a Communications major with a concentration in Journalism and PR.  Nicole is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Marist Ambassadors, and Communication Arts Society.  She enjoys running and hanging out with her sorority sisters and friends.

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