A CL How To: Get Close To Your New Pledges!
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It’s that time of year again! New members are being brought into your sorority and that leaves you with a big job–geting to know them. I understand that some chapters are much larger than others but, none the less learning the basic information of each girl is still important. CL is here to give you tips on how to bond with your new classy members.

1. Grab A Meal- Everyone has got to eat so why not invite a few (or all) of your new girls to dinner with some of the sisters? Not only would it make them feel special and welcome but you can learn a lot about a person when eating with them. You don’t even have to leave campus, just hit the dining hall!

2. Make Yourself Available- When you’re meeting them for the first time make it a point to tell them you’re always willing to talk if they need it. If you’re comfortable enough give them your cell number and get theirs. Randomly shoot them a text asking about their day. It will mean more to them then you know and it opens the doors of communication!

Alpha Sigma Tau--Beta Delta Chapter on Bid Night!

3. Take a Sister Date- On any night, get a few of the sisters and a few new members together and get off campus for a few hours. You can do anything from eating to the movies or even bowling. Making the extra effort will mean a lot to the girls and it will bond your sisterhood.

4. Be Involved- Simply beign around at sorority events and chapter cna help bring you closer to your new members. Not only will you bond with your new members but you will bond with your fellow sisters. You joined a sorority to be involved so get out there and do some good!

AST Beta Delta Cubbies!

There are numerous ways to get close to your members–these are just a few. Reaching out ot your new girls will show how much you care and will make them feel welcome. Bringing in new members is essential to the life of  your sorority and the new members will one day be the face of your organization. Making them feel welcome and getting them to fall in love with your sorority is the goal of pledging. Just take a few minutes out of your day for them and good is bound to follow!

Brooke Mendoff is a sophomore at Duquesne University studying Integrated Marketing Communications and is a proud sister of Alpha Sigma Tau. She is OBSESSED with: orange soda, the Washington Capitals, Victoria’s Secret, Mexican food, her friends and family and the color purple.

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